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HAWAII – PART 6 – Final days in Oahu

Monday we got back to Diamond Head, nice and early. We timed it just right. The gates open at 6. We were there about 6:30.  It looked like there was a crowd there when the gates opened. As we began our hike we could look up and see so many at the top that there was not enough room for them all to stand! By the time we got there it had cleared out so that there was room to maneuver.

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Next we visited the Dole Plantation. Cheryl remembered a childhood friend telling her that back then, anyway, the water fountain had pineapple juice in it… Not so…. but they had a train ride, a beautiful little garden and what was once the world’s largest maze! Oh and some tasty Dole Whip Pineapple “Ice Cream.”

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From here we continued north to the north shore. We stopped at Wiamea Falls Park and did another nice little hike with a big waterfall at the end. They allowed you to swim right up to the waterfall!! That is me swimming around wearing the white hat!

Tuesday I got up for one last run in Oahu. I ran from the hotel all the way around Diamond Head…. about 6.5 miles.

Then we made the long drive to the Polynesian Cultural Center!

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We spent our final day in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. We spent the full day there. We took the boat ride out to the Arizona memorial. We toured the Bowfin Submarine, We toured the Battleship Missouri, and we toured the Pacific Aviation Museum… then we flew home overnight back to California!

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