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End of June – /HDR XC Race

We returned from Hawaii, Thursday a week ago 6/23. I was planning on racing the HDR XC race that evening but I fell asleep and slept right through it. We had a red eye flight. Friday I made it to Marie Kerr and did a Friday Fun Run. I was bad over the weekend. I did nothing… just rest and recovery from the trip. Monday I ran with the HV team again and then took off for Anaheim to attend a teachers’ conference.

Tuesday after the conferences, around 5 pm I headed out for a run. Larry, who has been helping me with the team this year decided to join me. We ran from the Hilton at the convention center to Anaheim Stadium and around it and back – 10K. It turns out that Larry had not run anything of that length since high school. I distracted him with jokes the last couple of miles to keep him going.

Thursday I ran the HDR Summer XC Series race. The course is a new course as we only have access to the north end of the field and the basin trails. I started at what I thought was a conservative pace, running the first mile at 7:40. I noted two people in my age group ahead of me and another close behind. On the second mile I caught one of them – Mark Hershey. Mark was a top Master’s runner a decade ago and I don’t recall ever being close to him.  He stayed right behind for a long time. The 2nd mile turned out a bit slower at 8:00 flat. On number 3 I was hurting. I gained on Adam Laraway, but I could not quite catch him. At the crest of the last Rayburn hill I was only 10m back but I had spent it all getting close. He kicked the last 200 and pulled away…… It is fun to be back in the races again. I noted that a few who were my competitors last year were back quite a bit…

June is complete with only 87 miles of running. This is okay, but not so good if I plan to try to BQ in two months… I rode the Elliptigo just 3 times: my longest ever 40 miler on June 1 and 15 miles round trip to a workshop at school.

Monthly Totals This Year Year To Date
June Elliptigo 55 643 Elliptigo
Tandem 13 39 Tandem
Running 87 598 Running


I am having serious reservations about the BQ attempt This is the busiest summer I can remember… The current week is the only week where I will be home for the whole week. I had vacation. I had a teacher conference. Next week there is a church conference which will extend into a coaches clinic and then a science teachers clinic. The week after that we are scheduled for some camping. The week after that I return to “work.” So, I am finding it difficult to fit in the workouts I had planned.

Furthermore. I have stalled on my weight loss mission. I am currently 183 after the cruise, vacation and conference. The good news is that this is 10 pounds less than this time last year. The good news is that this time last year I was borderline high blood pressure and now I am normal. I am thinking I should just focus on fitness and weight loss for the summer and then see about ramping up in the fall – when I traditionally train my best…. maybe. lets see how the next few weeks play out.

My fall back plan is to jump into the Hansens marathon training program. If I can successfully complete the last 7 or 8 weeks of it I should be fine. My speed is actually fine. My “slow” training runs tend to be 8:30 to 9:00 pace and I only need to run 8:20 to qualify! I just need to be sure that I have the needed endurance….


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