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Definite Maybe

Regarding the Santa Rosa Marathon…. If you’d have asked me Thursday, when I stayed home to take care of my ailing wife (she’s much better, thank you.) I’d have said probably not…. If you’d have asked me after last weekend, when I only ran 5 miles, I’d have said probably not. But after the last 3 days…. maybe.

Friday, the Hillview runners did a Jamba run with me. I parked at Jamba and ran from Jamba to Marie Kerr park to meet them there. Once we were all gathered we ran a lap around the park, then south on 30th west to P-8. We ran east on P-8 following it back to Rancho Vista Blvd and then to Jamba. The total was almost 7.

Saturday I headed up to Jackson Lake to do the High Desert Runners’ monthly trail run. I like this run. The route uses forest service roads. The first 3.7 miles are a steady climb but it did not seem too crazy steep. From 3.7 to 4.4 are pretty steep and then it goes down just as steep to the turn around. The roads are high enough into the forest that there is a forest. Lots of trees along the way provide lots of shade. Anyway, yesterday I ran almost 11 miles on the trail…
Today I got up and headed out the door for a run to church. I headed west on Elizabeth Lake Road then left up the back way to Ana Verde. The road going up from EL into Ana Verde is quite steep. I was looking forward to some relief once I crested the hill. Rounding the corner and cresting the hill I ran straight into a tough southwestern headwind.  A little while later the road curved left and relief came. Upon entering the housing area I headed down toward Ana Verde Park to see if they had some water. They did. I noticed a path that headed behind the houses overlooking the aqueduct. So I ran the paved path… it was a roller coaster… leading to a climb back up to Ave S. At the top I got to begin the descent into East Palmdale. 26 miles in two days… 33 in 3…. sounds almost like marathon training.

Backing up a bit…. most days were pretty lazy. I raced Thursday a week ago. Friday was Friday Fun day – easy 3 miles with the kids. Saturday I had my monthly breakfast with dad. Sunday I ran to church –  the short way –  only 5 miles.  Monday was the 4th of July. I planned to go do a race but stayed home instead.

Tuesday I ran my 30s hill sprint workout with the Hillview runners. Then I ran the same workout again with the HDR peeps. Then I went to the Clayve for the first time in weeks!  Tuesday was tough… I got sore…

Wednesday was my scheduled off day… not that I needed one. Thursday was supposed to be race day, but Cheryl was sick in bed and I decided to stay home and care for her… besides I was too sore to run fast anyway…

So, looking at most of the week it does not look like I’m respecting the marathon…. but the last 3 days?

Let’s see how this next week goes.  I’ll be at another conference Tuesday afternoon through Friday in Anaheim.  There is a cross country coaches clinic on Saturday at Mt Sac and then a science teachers clinic on Sunday again in Anaheim.  So, I’m staying in Anaheim Tuesday to Sunday…

I plan to ditch the first part of the coaches clinic. Saturday is also International Elliptical Cycling Day and there is a group ride down in Carlsbad… I think I will go join them. There is a 50 mile option… That’ll be like a marathon on wheels.


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