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Nope, not going to BQ…. Busy, busy,……. busy, summer.

So, I am scraping my plan to go to the Santa Rosa Marathon and attempt to BQ I am having a really fun, but really busy summer.  So much so that I have not been able to get in the training runs that would be needed for such a serious effort. Well, it maybe technically incorrect to say that I have not been ABLE to…. I suppose I could have done mulitple 4 am wake ups to get my workouts in predawn, pre-busy-schedule, pre-heat-of-the-day. Now that I think about it, I have never trained for a marathon through the summer. Now I know why.

So, here’s a recap since my last post:

    • Monday July 11 – still holding out hope for Santa Rosa – I extended the Hillview Club run by getting there early and running an extra lap – 6 miles.  Then I drove to Anaheim for the North American Christian Convention. My second Anaheim convention of the summer…
    • Tuesday I would have had to get up crazy early to do 10 mile, 6 x 1 mile interval workout… That didn’t happen, but I did get out of the hotel door early enough for a 4 mile easy run.
    • Wednesday was my day of rest, but a schedule that stretched from 7 am to 9:30 pm, Thursday turned into a day of rest as well… and then I took Friday off as well. The NACC conference ended, but an AP conference began.
    • Saturday I loaded up the Elliptigo and drove to San Diego for a group ride. It was International Elliptical Cycling Day. I am not sure who decides that a day can be “International Cycling Day”. I asked the guys at the ride and Bryan – one of the Elliptigo founders smiled and said, “Well, no one is challenging us on it.” The group ride was organized to go from Solana Beach to the Carlsbad Pier and back. There were only 7 or 8 of us. We cruised along 13-14 mph for the 32 mile round trip. Bryan had proposed an optional extension from Solano Beach to UCSD and back. I was the only one who continued. Heading South out of Solano Beach there was a hill. I climbed it and descended down to water level at Torrey Pines. 20160716_105041[1]Then there was a much bigger, longer hill. I climbed it. By now I was at 40 miles (my longest GO ride ever) and I could not tell at the top of the hill if the road would remain level on  a plateau or head down again. The thought of going down and then having to go back up the hill made me decide to turn around. So at the top of the hill, there was a light. I crossed the highway and turned back for Solano Beach.  I ended up with a bit more than 44 miles!

  • Sunday, back in Anaheim, I spent the day at the AP conference, then drove home.
  • Monday another conference began in Palmdale so I could not do the Hillview workout. It continued through Wednesday. They have released a whole new set of standards for science in K-12 and we teachers have a lot of training to go through to accomplish them.
  • Tuesday night I was able to run the HDR workout. The others wanted to do the Hill Sprints from a couple weeks ago, so we did. I was also able to go to the Clayve.
  • Thursday, yesterday I made it to my 2nd summer XC race. I ran along with the kids on the 1 for a warm up chatting with the stragglers, trying to encourage them to keep running. For the 3 mile race, I tried to run a more even pace. I tried to hold back on the first mile compared to a few weeks prior. It seemed to help in that I did not feel like I was dying the whole 2nd half of the race. Looking at the data, the adjustment is minor.
    30-Jun 21-Jul
    Mile 1 7:31 7:35
    Mile 2 8:21 8:12
    Mile 3 8:10 8:10
    average: 8:01 7:59

    Four seconds slower on the first mile led to 9 seconds faster on mile two….

  • Finally, Friday today, was Fun Friday with the Hillview runners. We did a big loop and a small loop at Marie Kerr (2+ miles) and then had some fun with various exercises and little races around over and through the kid’s playground equipment.

So, If I am not going to Santa Rosa…. what next?

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