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San Fran to the bench

One of the struggles I have had lately is the lack of regular running partners. Once upon a time I had the motivation to go out all by myself come what may to get in my workout with our without anyone else. Plus I always could go to the aqueduct and run with Chuck…. I miss you Chuck… Lately, though I have struggled to fins someone to run the long weekend stuff with me.

So, Friday I posted on facebook that I wanted to do a Saturday morning trail run. HeatherWorden (Massari) was the only taker. I was thrilled. It is always good to run with someone faster than yourself.. We met at 6 am at San Francisquito and the PCT. We headed southeast.  The first hill .8 mile, Heather ran away. This was okay, simply having someone meet you gets you going and that is more than half the battle. I was pleased though to see her waiting at the top. We ran together and chatted about this and that all the way to the bench – 6 miles out.

At one point, after I had mentioned running with Clay, she asked if Clay was running. I said not in some time due to allergies.  Just a few minutes later we hear someone yell at us. 3 or 4 miles out, there was Clay with his dogs Aurora and Mizuno. After a quick greeting he fell in behind us and ran the downhill and part of an uphill. Great to see you out there Clay!

Heather ran off little by little on the last hill.  I tried to go pretty fast on the downhill but she was gone. …. It was a fun run.

Today all activities have been scratched due to smoke. There is a fire between Acton and Santa Clarita with LOTS of smoke heading our way.

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