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Christmas in July

The air quality is still subpar here in the AV. The further east you go the worse it is. My Hillview run and the HDR run would have been at Marie Kerr park. I cancelled both workouts. Clay however lives several miles farther west – the Clayve was on…. and the workout was the 12 days of Christmas – in July.

13838302_1042288095826721_1372028523_oSo, the workout is like the song. You do one skip to the street, then 2 push ups and one walk to the street. Then 3 jumping pull ups, 2 push ups, 1 skip to the street, etc….

I worked my way through the list… all the way up to 12. Rachel was ahead of me, but I caught her at the 10 medicine ball leg circles. Rachel pointed out that I had missed “each leg”… and somehow skipped 8 and 9…  I got em done and began to celebrate being finished.

Then I saw Rachel doing more leg circles and asked if she was doing extra credit. She began to explain that we had to work our way back down. We had to do the whole set from 11, then 10, then 9,….. wow.

I am going to be very, very, sore….
23 skips to the street
42 push ups
57 pull ups
68 box jumps
75 dips
78 ball slams
77 val slides per leg
72 plank ups
63 kettlebell dead lifts
50 medicine ball leg circles each leg
33 goblet squats
12 hanging ab curls

yup, very sore…..

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