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Heather, Tim and Jacob Win!!

Tonight was the High Desert Runners annual XC relay race!  For the first time that I can remember, it was not won by 3 teenagers. It was one by one teenager and 2 speedy adults! Congratulations to Heather Massari, Time Buse and Jacob Branch!

I spent the afternoon thinking that I would go and volunteer to time the race. As predicted after Tuesdays workout… I am sore. I have to use my hands to stand up or sit down. My glutes and hamstrings are toast. But then I got a text from Rachel Thomas. She is the one I was “racing” at the Clayve the other night. She text asked if I had a team for the race. I replied that I did not, but that I was sore and was considering not running…. She texted back and talked me into. She also got Jim Haskett to run so we were Team Clayve!

We warmed up together. The first 200 meters were brutal but then I loosened up to where it was bearable. We finished a .6 mile lap and stopped and did some leg swings. Then Rachel and I ran another. I was feeling pretty good by then. Then we got ready to race.

Jim ran first and had us in the middle of the pack. Rachel ran second, the most difficult leg, doing the Rayburn hill twice and moved us up probably 7 places. She handed off to me at the top of the Rayburn hill. That start, on a downhill, after having 20 minutes to tighten back up was tough. By the time I got to the bottom of the basin though I felt okay. I could hear someone gaining. It was Matthew Bierowicz. Even on a good day he’d catch me easily. A teenage boy went by as well (no shame there…)

There was another boy out ahead though that I was gaining on. Closer and closer I came. We got inside the gate and I was giving it all I had, getting closer and closer. JIm and Rachel and probably a few others were yelling Go Dale (or Go Mr. Lister in Rachel’s case). I loved the cheering, but I think they messed it up for me. Were it not for the yelling I could have snuck up on him right at the finish. He caught on, however and put in a surge the last 10 meters that i could not match.  Still, what fun!

My half mile splits said 3:35 and 3:25…. Yeah!

I think we placed about 13th….

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  1. The DC teams finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th from what I was told. I asked them not to race hard as they did a hard 6 min per mile tempo run this morning for the better part of 9 miles. Joseph Biehl never listens to me and run sub 5 min but we only have one fast girl (5:43) for DC so guess she wasn’t on his team.

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