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August is underway

The first week of August… I took a last minute trip to San Francisco. At one of my conferences I heard about some mechanical creatures there called Strand Beests…. They were pretty awesome.

Of course we had to have some other fun whilst we were there.

The following day we rented a tandem and went for a ride over the Golden Gate bridge!

Upon return from San Francisco I made it to the finale of the HDR Summer XC race. I  went out a little too fast, perhaps. Going up rayburn hill the first time this guy went by me, but heading back down the other side I passed him again. The course loops right back to Rayburn hill. Sure enough he got by me again. Little by little I gained on him, passing him on the loop. After the ditch on the little hill he passed me, but once again I caught him on the stretch by the freeway. I drafted him leading off the third mile and went by as we dropped into the ditch crossing. Sure enough, one last Rayburn Hill and he got me again. Coming off the top I went by and started sprinting….. well best I could anyway. All the way in I gave it all I had. I could tell he was close but I was able to hold him off! Wow, I out-sprinted someone! My time was 23:57 –  best of the summer… 3rd in my age group behind Steve Brumwell and Mark Hershey.

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August 2016


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