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New PR….

School started Monday. I started getting back into regular training as well. Monday I did a 60 minute pool run. I wore my heart rate monitor. I only averaged 100 so pool running is not quite as intense as a real run…. well maybe if I pushed it harder….

Tuesday I rode the ElliptiGO to school and then back home again. I headed over to Joe Walker for the HDR track workout. My goal was to alternate 1 minute fast with 1 minute easy, so I prescribed that we run 250 meters fast with 150 recoveries. It worked out just right for me.  Each 250 was about 63 to 65 and each 400 was right at 2 minutes. We did 15 minutes, which got me 8 reps, took a 3 minute break and did it again. So I got 16 x 250 at speed.

Then I headed to the Clayve. Clay had a race of sorts set up where we had to do a list of exercises. The worst, craziest part was 70 reps of this exercise where you sit, pull up both legs and pass a heavy ball under and over… 70 circles… people were dying… stopping and starting… it was rough. After the list you had to hang from two gymnastic rings, swing across the garage and knock over some cones with your feet.  I thought we had to knock em over. So I was happy to knock over all but one… Clay said, No, I had to knock them off their perch. 5 were still on their table and I had to go back and do the last 5 exercises on the list… including the 70 circles…. I think I got the 5 on my next try.

Then we started all over, but the ones who won the first round got to go first. So, I started last. I got all but one of the cones knocked over, but the ONE exercise I had to go back and do was the 70 circles.  By the time I got ready to go try the one cone Clay had gone on to explaining what we were to do next…. last again…

The last exercise though was a 100 meter spring on the ski erg. I got to go last. I was rested by then and frustrated with the way things had gone.  I did the 100 in 20.4 seconds which was the 2nd fastest of the group and was my best time ever. My previous PR was 21.1. Woo Hoo….. in retrospect, the fact that I am currently overweight helped. Extra weight helps on the ski erg… to a point anyway.

Wednesday I rode the GO to school again and I did a Dice Game run with the students. We ran a half mile loop, stopped and rolled two dice. One dice prescribed an exercise and the other a quantity. We continued for about 35 minutes so I got in about 3 easy recovery miles and an assortment of exercises. Then I had to ride the GO home again.

Today, the students and I did a short sweet 16 workout on the grassy hill outside my classroom. It was hot – 94 degrees, so we took extra recovery time between each one. It only added up to about 2 miles.

Later, I headed to the Clayve. We did a team workout with two teams of 3 doing a variety of things. There was a competition based on time. It ended up a tie….

When I got home I did a 30 minute pool run….

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