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Long Trail Run

First, yesterday, I GO’d to school and home.  I had a few of my students show up for a club run but I did not do it with them. I’m a b it sore from the Clayve….

Today I headed up to Mill Creek Station to run the PCT. Janet Dempsey posted early in the week the idea and quite a few people responded. At 6 am, Janet, Lina, Heather, Ruth (Heather’s mom), Kyra, Kathy and Joe Diorio, and David Weary were there. No one else had posted a definite rsvp so off we went.

Janet described that if we took the PCT it would cross the road and we’d stay on the trail. After 6 or so we’d hit the road again and if you took the road back you’d have a 12 miler.  The first 2.5 is pretty tough, especially the first .5 which is steep uphill and sandy. Heather of course was the first to the road. She ran back to Veronica. I got to the road and waited. After the road I found myself pulling ahead of everyone, out on my own. Eventually I heard someone behind me, Heather. Veronica was not too far behind her.

We got to a dirt road at 5.5 miles. We were not too sure if this was the road Janet spoke of. It was dirt, not the paved service road… So we continued on the trail. As we got to 8 miles I saw that we were at a saddle and that the road was just to our left. I led Heather up a little path so we could take the road back. We waited for Veronica. She got past us and Heather had to go catch her. I waited.  I was walking about a bit, so I paused my watch. They eventually got back and off we went on the road. We ran past the burned out prison.

About 1.2 miles later (according to google maps) I noticed a dirt road heading down and figured that it-  the aforementioned dirt road, would have been the road Janet spoke of…. At this point I noticed my still paused watch and pushed the button. We continued on the road, which had some climbs and did not come across anyone for quite awhile.

When we got to the place the road crossed the trail we came across Janet. She had received a call from Lina who was lost. Janet explained that she had run up the dirt road but did not know what to do at the pavement. She headed back the way she had come and missed the trail. The dirt road leads to a camp. Janet was going back for her. Heather, Veronica and I chose to stay on the road the rest of the way back. With smooth downhill sailing Heather and I got going pretty good. The last  couple of splits were low 7s pace… The total distance was about 15 miles.

Back at the parking area were the Rubles. They had come a bit late and ran about 13. Toke Jensen came running in. He started a bit late as well.  David Weary came back. He had followed us past the road on the trail but turned back at 7.5.

We were concerned, of course about Janet and Lina. I wanted to drive up the road and go get them but the gate was locked. Erik went to the station and asked them to unlock it for us. They said they would.  Quite a bit of time went by – like 30 or 40 minutes and they finally showed up in their truck. They opened the gate and rather than go themselves they let Erik go.  Erik, Krysti and Dave went back and found them, out of water with many miles to go….

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