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I GO’d to the desert, met a horse with no name….

Today I did an epic Elliptigo ride. I took off from my house around 7:30 with a plan only to do 50 miles. This would exceed my previous long GO ride (44.2) and get me one step closer to my November century GO ride GOal.  At first I’d thought I’d do some sort of flat land loop (although nothing in the AV is truly flat) but quickly opted for an out and back ride. I headed past Hillview, past Clay’s house and northwest toward the Poppy Preserve.

I texted Clay along the way in case he wanted to join in. My phone is mounted on my handle bar so I can text on the GO… he replied when I was at I and 90th West. I made it all the way to the Poppy Preserve but that was only 23 miles so I kept GOing.  Somewhere along the way I thought of Eric and Krysti Ruble, and Oscar and Dora Gutierrez. They are in Santa Rosa preparing for tomorrow’s Santa Rosa marathon, partly because I said I was going to do it….  I figured I would punish myself by doing a marathon equivalent on the GO.

My estimation is about 2 miles GO for 1 mile running, so I pushed past the Poppy Preserve till I had 26.2.   26.3 actually so I’d have a tad of a cushion. Shortly after turning back, I was riding past a ranch. A horse spotted me and trotted over to the fence for a closer look. I went ahead and stopped, petted him on the nose and took a couple of pics.


I made my way back past the preserve eventually finding myself on I. Clay showed up and turned around and joined me.

Somewhere in here the ride started getting difficult. There was a slight breeze coming from the north, but it must have been a bit north east because every time we had a downhill eastward section the wind held us back. Of course the return trip was all either East or South…. all the south sections had a slight tailwind, but they were uphill… Look at the Strava post… The last half of the return trip was climbing.
Clay stayed with me about half way back from his house, which helped because I was getting very tired.

On Strava there were 3 PRs. Woo Hoo!  This surprised me because the only other time I had ridden these segments was on my road bike.  It was an organized half metric century from the old Bicycle Johns on 15th street. I may have been holding back, riding with friends.

The next step upward is planned to be the Metric Century ride held in conjuction with the Ventura Marathon – September 10.  It will be more hilly as it includes the highway from Ojai to Santa Barbara. Right now, it sounds scary…..

In other news, since I have not posted for two weeks…. The second week of school, the week leading up to the AV Fair Wave Race was a minimal workout week. There were race responsibilities which precluded riding the GO. The afternoon temps were too hot to have practice a couple of those days… I ended up only doing the HDR Tuesday night workout – a reduced one, due to heat and the fact that almost all were planning to do the Wave Race, a 2 mile “Follow the Lister” run Thursday with the kids AND two Clayve workouts.

This week I got in 8 runs and two Clayves in the last 4 days. Official Hillview XC practice began Tuesday afternoon. It was pretty hot so we did 4 reps of 5 minutes – easy – just to see who would keep going. 4 or 5 of the 80 or so who had showed up quit after the workout. I had the HDR peeps do a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (minutes each) workout. i felt off and sluggish… too much rest and/or the heat.  I also made it to the Clayve.

Beginning Wednesday we have 6am morning runs as an option to the 2 pm afternoon workouts. So I did the 4 mile time trial loop in the morning. Most of the kids did great! In the afternoon we did a shorter workout – not quite 3 miles.  Thursday morning was an easier workout – 3 and then as it was a bit cooler I had the afternoon try the 2×4 trial loop. I was feeling rather tired and sore from the Clayve. I stopped at 3. Thursday evening – yet another Clayve. Friday I led both workouts at 12 x 30s hill repeats. The loop was just under 3 miles… so, in total I did 24 x 30s.

With these 8 runs and the 2 Clayves, I was NOT in optimal recovered and ready to go condition when I started todays Epic GO ride… I’ll have to be sure I am more prepared on the th.

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