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2 or 3 a day….

Cross Country Season is underway… well practice for it underway. Hillview always has an large team. We have about 80 on the roster right now. As I posted last time, we offer practices morning and afternoons from which the athletes can choose.  We have been having 50 or 60 in the morning and 20ish in the afternoon….. when it is not too hot. I cancel at 95 degrees.

So, Monday we had 1 run in the morning. We ran our 2 x 4 trial loop to see how everyone was doing.  Our fastest boys are not quite as fast as the past few years (yet) but there is lots of depth. Our fastest girls are FAST. I am excited to see how they do! There were only a few who did not make the 22 minute 2 mile cutoff.. Not bad for a first try.  I, personally, was feeling pretty good Monday morning. No soreness to speak of from the 52 mile Elliptigo ride! I finished our trial in one of my better times on this course…

Tuesday we did a 5,4,3,2,1 interval workout in the morning. It was 100 degrees at 2 so there was not afternoon practice. It was still 97 at 6pm so the HDR workout was cancelled as well. By 7pm it was still toasty but we managed a CLAYVE workout.  On Tuesday I was feeling a bit sore… likely from the Sunday Clayve.  Clay asked if it was from the Elliptigo ride, but if it had been the ride I would have been sore Monday, and I felt fine Monday morning. I am alwasy sorest starting about 36 hours after a workout lasting another 24 or so. So, from a Sunday night Clayve I would be fine Monday morning and likely the rest of the day. I’d be sore all day Tuesday. From a Tuesday Clayve I am sore Thursday and from a Thursday Clayve I am sore on Saturday – I have to careful about Thursday Clayves if I have a race, long ride or special run planned for Saturday.

Wednesday we had a recovery day for the team. 2 miles in the morning with partner torture drills. The same again in the afternoon.

Thursday we did a tougher workout. We ran down to 45th and N. We did 6 reps of 90s uphill working our way up 45th and then N8 as far as 55th with some walking recoveries. The afternoon workout was 92 or 93 so I modified it by doing all the reps on N8 with downhill walks so that we always had at least a bit of shade. Both workouts ended up about 3.5 each.

The Thursday night Clayve was quite intense. Kendall had 5 sets of exercises. I think there were 5 in each set. We had 2 teams of 3 people. We started on set one.  Mark and Stephanie were my team mates. They are a couple. Amazing coincidence is that Stephanie was in my late wife’s baton twirling classes back in the 80s…   Anyway, Steph started with 10 box jumps. Meanwhile I had to hold a medicine ball straight over my head. when she finished she went on to Kettlebell dead lifts, I started the box jumps and Mark held the medicine ball. Steph moved on to Bosu ball pushups a little ahead of my move to the Kettlebell and Mark started the box jumps. Next was plank ups for Steph and we all moved up. Steph led us next to a squat and throw medicine ball straight up. When she finished she had to grab a smallish flat weight, get into a squat and hold the weight out in front like a steering wheel. She held it until I caught up and finished my ball throws. Then I had to take the wheel until Mark finished. Then we ran over to the lawn and each threw or bounced a ball at the target.  The whole thing was timed. Baskets made earned us a time break…

There were 5 sets like this. They took 2:45 to 3:45 to complete. We did both sets twice. There was great pressure to be fast to compete with the other team and to keep up with your partners. If you went slow your partner was stuck holding a ball over their head at the beginning (not that bad) or squatting (terribly awful) for a long time. The reason the squat at the end was so bad was that you were exhausted from rushing through the set.   It turned out to be a tie between the two teams. We one two sets, they one two sets and the third was a draw to a timing malfunction!

I expect this one to get me a bit sore, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow. Today I had a conference and got in no workout. Tomorrow does not look good for a workout either…. But I had a total of 8 Monday through Thursday.

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