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I think the Elliptigo rides are helping…

After Saturday’s 60 miler on the GO I felt I recovered quickly. In fact it always seems that I recover well.

Monday morning the Hillview kids and I did our 2 x 4 trial run. The goal for the team is to do a quick 2 miles and then cruise the last two. We time the 2 – they have to complete it in under 22 to participate in meets. We also time the 4 – they have to complete it in under 45 in order to be allowed to go on destination runs, like Jamba Juice. I have found that the kids run faster if I do. So, I pushed the pace for 2 miles …. 14:56.  Then I ran the next two…. then one more – a slow sweeper lap timed to get the stragglers to the finish line okay.

Today, I had the team do our Secret Weapon workout. We warm up with a jog down 45th to Avenue N. Then we have 3:30 to run back up 45th to N8. Those who don’t make it have 3:30 more to walk up to the corner. The 3:30 run and recover pattern continues up N8 to 50th, then to 55th and then up the residential streets above 55th and N8. Each of these 4 intervals is set up as a segment on Strava.

The first segment was 3:19… my best is 3:10.
The second segment was 3:26… 2nd best ever out of 87 recorded times… my best is 3:24
I started feeling pretty fatigued on the third segment. I ran a 3:40 with a pr of 3:25….
The fourth segment all the way to the top … I almost made it.. 3 houses short…

The evening HDR workout was 100 meters fast and slow. I felt tired and never seemed to loosen up… I guess the aforementioned stuff was adding up…  Then the Clayve…. It felt pretty dead again. But I felt better as the workout progressed. The last thing of the night was a 500m trial on the rower machine.  I got a PR!  1:50.8 – my previous best was 1:53.6…. woo hooo!

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