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Easy…. make that Recovery…. week… Plus a speedy Monday/Tuesday

After Tuesday’s post:

Wednesday I did two easy runs with the Hillview team.

Thursday – they did a practice race, I did not run…. after school I left for Ventura to spend a weekend camping at the beach!

Friday – Cheryl and I did a very easy 11 mile Tandem ride…

Saturday – I did a little body surfing….

Sunday – I drove home…. and went to an HDR board meeting…

Monday I ran the 2×4 time trial once again with the HIllview team. But this time I was rested and raring to go! I did the two mile Strava Time Trial segment in 14:19! Not particularly close to my PR, but the fastest I’ve done in a couple of years! I ran the third mile easy and put it back into tempo mode for the 4th mile. I did the school loop in 7:07 – my second fastest ever! My overall time for the 4 mile (which is a different route than back in 2012 etc.) was a PR!

I added a sweeper lap, chasing in the stragglers….. on a separate Strava run.

Today we did the Secret Weapon workout before school. My times on the 4 segments were 3:20, 3:21, 3:32 (3rd fastest ever) and 3:16. The final segment time left me just a few strides from my official top of the hill, half way around the cul-de-sac finish line – the best finish in several years. I spent a few minutes and added the 4 times above and went back and compared it with this same workout with dates back to 2013…. This total was #3.

I must have pushed pretty hard though, or allergies or something got me. I spent the rest of the day sneezing – my left nostril constantly dripping… I went to the HDR workout and felt a tad queasy… a little off… I decided not to push myself any farther today….

The sinus/sneezing thing, btw, happens to me sometimes – usually after a race in hot weather conditions…. like Thursday night summer races.

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