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September wrap up…

A day early…. but I’m not running or GOing tomorrow…. In fact tomorrow will finally be the first cross country meet for Hillview. More on that later…. woo hoo!!!

The last couple of days have been lots of easy stuff… 3 miles yesterday morning. 3 miles yesterday afternoon. 2 miles this morning. 2 miles this afternoon….. and a Clayve this evening!

For the month….

Two metric century rides on the Elliptigo have been a fun adventure. I totaled 153 miles on the GO… I’ll have to work in a couple long GOs this coming month as well…. I’m registered for a FULL CENTURY on November 5 – the Bike the Coast Century in Carlsbad…

Running consisted of lots of training with my students, some HDR speedwork and one 15 miler…. 91 miles total.  I registered for a trail half marathon coming up October 16 – The Space Rock Trail Half marathon at Vasquez Rocks…..  I’m also registered to represent my friend Connie Graham on her team at the Purple Strides 5k in Irvine November 12. This is a fund raiser for Pancreatic Cancer research.

The totals will also show one EASY tandem ride….

Monthly Totals This Year Year To Date
September Elliptigo 153 916 Elliptigo
Tandem 12 76 Tandem
Running 91 851 Running

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