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GO – Share the Road 100K – Simi Valley, Hottest Hilliest Go Ride yet

I am still training to do the Bike the Coast Century ride on my Elliptigo next month. It has been a few weeks since I have ridden, the last two weekends involved camping and being sidelined with a cold. So, I put the Go in the truck and drove down to Simi Valley this morning.

  • 61.8mi
  • 5:04:30
    Moving Time
  • 3,602ft
  • 5:31:43
    Elapsed Time
  • 12.2 mph
    Average Speed


It turned out to be the hottest and hilliest long GO ride I have done yet. First there was a 2.2 mile easy beginning and then it headed right into the first grade. It was more than two miles long and gained about 450 feet. It turned out to be a double peak with a short drop and then a climb right back up to the same height. Next was 12 miles of mostly downhill, interrupted by three pretty steep shorter climbs. This led into the second larger climb. I think they called it Long Canyon. It was a little better than  3 miles and 300+ feet.

By the time I got to the top – at 20.4 miles, I had been out of water for some time. I only carry one bottle on the GO and refill it at the stations. I downed a whole 20oz bottle of water and refilled. Then came the easiest portion of the ride 15 or 16 miles of mostly down broken up just a couple of times. All the while I was realizing that we were heading from  Simi towards the Ocean and what goes down, must GO back up.

Sure enough, I turned a corner and there was this long, long straight away. It was deceiving. I could tell by my effort that I was climbing but the road seemed to barely do so. Little by little it became steeper and steeper.Hitting better than 8% near the top of the 5 mile 750ft climb. I enjoyed a 3 mile downhill before climbing a half mile up a steeper section – maxed out 13.1%. I was in first gear for most of this climb.

Looking to the east I could see Simi Valley and I could tell that I was still not quite as high in elevation as it… and I was about to descend. I headed down a pretty good hill and spent the rest of my ride working my way through a sort of stair step series of climbs. They weren’t too bad, just relentless – 1 mile up, 1/4 drop, 2 miles up, 1/2 down, and so on and so on. A mile I though my quads were going to cramp up, but then a red light gave them a respite and they survived to the finish….

The temp started around 70 and was mid 90s by the time I finished. There were 3 stops and I drank LOTS at each one and most of my bottle in between, but still I think I was dehydrated by the finish…. I have to figure out how to get more liquid in me…. or perhaps my body never was able to regain the deficit it had build during that first 20 mile, hour and forty minute section…..

On my three 60 milers I have been definitely done by the time I finished. I am not sure how I can possible GO another 40. I am hoping that the flatness of Bike the Coast and the cool November beach temperatures will make all the difference.

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