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Hills, tracks and Clayves

The recovery from Saturday’s 62 mile Elliptigo ride has been quick. I finish these epic rides feeling like I just finished a marathon, but next day much, much better…

So, next day, I did a Clayve workout. It was not the toughest ever…. it was just right. Then yesterday, Monday, I ran a tough one with my team. We did our 2×4 workout, but I threw in 2 extra hill reps up Homeridge and Cricket drives. 5 miles total, and we pushed it hard on all 4 uphills.

Today, I took the team up to the aqueduct and we did 5 short -200m ish hill reps, just getting them psyched up for Mt. SAC. A few hours later, just 4 of us showed up at the track for the HDR speed workout. We did 90s hill repeats – out N back. It was CRAZY windy. So we did 90s normal, counter-clockwise, had 90s to recover, and then ran from our end point 90s backwards, clockwise trying to get back to our start line. Of course with the strong southwest wind, the return was harder. The reps were around 360 to 380 meters. Number 11, I really tried to push it and hit 395 meters – 400 in 92 seconds. Then I thought to myself, uh, oh, can I get back those 395 for rep 12? I was only about 2 strides short!

Afterwards, I headed straight to the Clayve and got right to work…. I did a list of exercises, finishing with 1000m all by myself on the Ski Erg Machine – 431.1

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