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900 Miles


The Space Rock Half put me a little over 900 miles for the year! I am clearly ahead of pace for a 1000 mile year. Not that 1000 miles is such a high total for me. I have been over 2000 a few times. But, it is better than I’ve done the last two, and this year, I’ll have over 1000 miles on the Elliptigo as well!

The half had me pretty sore for a few days. I took Monday and Tuesday of last week off. Wednesday I rode the Elliptigo to and from Hillview and ran a couple of miles with the team. Thursday ended up as rest as well – I was coaching the team and directing a race for the middle school teams.

Friday I ran with the team on our Mt Rite Aid run. This is about 5.5 miles with some climbing up to the aqueduct.  I may have been pushing the pace just a bit. The team had not been that way in over a year. I could not count on the fast runners to make all the correct turns. My assistant, on the bike, well he doesn’t always remember the less familiar runs either. The ascent was my #3 ever out of 30 tries on Strava!

The weekend got away from me, exercise wise. I gave it to family things…. and a HDR meeting Sunday evening.

Monday, the team met with me early and we did our 2×4 PLUS run. 5 miles with four hill climbs in it. I like it for the team as it is a loop and there is not need for the leaders to ever wait. The last part is two loops around the school, this allows for a cutoff for those falling too far behind. As for my run, I pushed it.

Today the team and I did partner intervals on the Hillview field. Mr. Oman and I were a team. A pair of 7th grade boys promised to beat us. Mr. Oman – Larry, went first. I ran pretty evenly with the boy. At times he’d pull even but the boy would always answer and pull back ahead. I would spend my lap 3 or 4 strides behind my competitor. I would surge and get within a few strides, and he’d surge ahead. This continued for 6 laps each. On the final one I tried my surprise attack strategy.  I let him get 5 or 6 strides ahead, knowing he’d relax. On the final 50-60 meters I swung wide and gave it all I had. He did not notice me running up in his blind spot. He relaxed as he approached the line and I kicked across ahead of him.  I made sure to celebrate!!

Of course, on the second part of the work out, 200 repeats… the boys ran away from us!

By the end, with the extra effort, I was feeling twingy. My new attitude, with my new goal of better fitness ahead of better race times, this caused me to be the coach and not the runner at the Tuesday night HDR workout!

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