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October wrap up

October ended with a flare up. Tuesday, a week ago, I was running with my Hillview team doing partner intervals and got into a bit of a race with a couple of the boys. I dug deep and snuck up in a final sprint.  Since then my sciatica has flared up. I feel it mainly in my left glute. I took that Tuesday evening off. I ran a short run Wednesday and it was painful. I rested Thursday and Friday. I tried the Elliptigo on Saturday and did a 42 miler with the Squeeky Wheel people –  a fund raiser ride for breast cancer. The Elliptigo riding was not impacted. I rested Sunday and tried a run with the team Monday morning. There was some improvement – after 2 miles or so the ache almost completely went away. Tuesday evening I ran with the HDR workout, doing intervals – 4,3,2,1,2,3,4.  Again, after warm up it was feeling okay, but by the end the ache had returned. I skipped the Clayve because of it. Today, more rest….

But the Elliptigo ride was fine! Good thing – I am registered for an Elliptigo Century ride on Saturday. The ride Saturday was a local classic – 3 Canyons. We headed as a group from the Squeeky Wheel shop over by Highland and up to the aqueduct. We took the aqueduct to 60th and went up and over Goode Pass. The group left me heading up P-12. There were a couple riders behind, but the rest slowly disappeared. On Goode I caught one guy. We headed up Bouquet Canyon and I caught another. I stopped at the turn onto Spunky and he went by, but I caught him again going up Spunky. After this I was on my own the rest of the ride – over Spunky, and then up and over San Francisquito. figuring it was “only” 40 miles, I kept pushing all the way back to the bike shop. I finished, exhausted, but not at my limit.

October ended with 116 miles on the Elliptigo and 75 miles running. These bring my annual total to 1032 on the GO and 931 running.

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