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13th Tri-District League Cross Country Championship!

Yesterday the Hillview Cross Country Teams competed in the Tri District League Championships at Pelona Vista Park. There were 6 Championship races held – a boys and girls race for each grade level. Individual runners were also competing for a top 15 finish to earn an individual plaque.

The first race was our 8th grade boys. The team finished 2nd with a score of 44. Desert Christian was pretty dominant with a score of 25.  DC finished 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th! Hillview was  led by Gerardo Xilonzochilt in 5th, Anthony Alvarez in 6th, Nils Murralles in 10th, Daniel Rogers in 11th, and Pranesh Kumar in 12th. We lost one of our top boys a few weeks ago with a broken collarbone. Still, DC would probably have won.  Congrats to DC!  and to my boys as well for a strong 2nd!

Hillview’s 8th grade girls easily won their championship with just 19 points. Desert Christian was a distant second at 50. Maggie Theologidy, Grace Ritchie, Gabriela Fabela and Linya Perry finished 1st through 4th! Maggie (11:41) and Grace (11:45.8) had the #2 and #3 8th grade girls course times ever! My number 5 runner fell and sprained her wrist last week and was not allowed to run, otherwise we would have likely had a clean sweep…  My next two runners were Riley Briggs placed 12th and Breelyn Sudberry placed 14th!

Our 7th grade boys won 1st place as well with a score of 24 points. Joe Walker was 2nd at 42.  Hillview’s Kai Smithley led the way winning 1st place. Other HV runners, Colin Culver placed 5th, Ricardo Barrientos 6th, Isaac Daaku 8th, Gariel Madison 10th and Jimmy Teczon 15th!

The 7th grade girls continued the winning streak with a score of 29! Joe Walker was once again 2nd at 59.  Shelby Smith finished in 2nd place. Riley Briones was right behind her in 3rd. A girl named Delia from Cole won. Delia (11:08), Shelby (11:27) and Riley (11:33) all broke the previous fastest 7th grade girl course record!  Hillview’s  Aubree Sewalson finished 8th, Alyssa Gill 9th, Naia Smithley 10th, Wynter Wilson 11th, and Natalia Elizondo 14th!

Our 6th grade boys won their race as well with a score of 19. Brock Berrios led the way with a 1st place finish. David Gonzalez placed 2nd.  Noah Brand placed 5h, David Pulido 12th and Gavin Carlson 14th!

The final race of the day was the 6th grade girls and our Girls finished off the competition with a dominating performance winning with just 18 points. Laisette Rachel once again won the race setting a new 6th grade girls course record – 11:16. Laisette finished more than 95 seconds ahead of the next runner, Hillview’s Rylin Sewalson. Rylin’s time was #5 fastest course record of 12:53! Michaela Conchola placed 4th, Andi Briggs 6th, Faith Crossan 7th, Mya Webb 8th, April Navas 10th, Lana Akoi 11th and Sadie Sherman 14th.

With 5 first place finishes and one 2nd place the Hillview Team won its 13th OVERALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP in a row!

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