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The race to 270

Tuesday evening was election day. It was also the night of our HDR track workout. So…. After our warm up and a couple of drills, at 6:15 I announced the following workout. I told the others that we would do the “Run to 270.” Most caught on right away. I had set a cone on the edge of the track at 270 meters. The instruction was to do 270 meter intervals with 130 meter recoveries. They asked how many reps. I said, “The polls close at 7!” Someone corrected me stating that the polls close at 8. I told them they could do intervals until 8 if they really wanted but the HDR workout “polls” close at 7.  Somewhere around 6:17, we were off.

I had no way of knowing my pace for any of the intervals. After Saturdays Century GO ride, I was not pushing too hard anyway. All I know is I did 21 reps. The others seemed to enjoy the workout, but it was a bit tougher than most typically do in a week.

After the track workout I headed to the Clayve. I have  not made it in two or three weeks. I did an abbreviated workout.

Yesterday, I ran a few miles with the Hillview runners. Our season is over, but now we run as a club. I was tight and sore during the run. It seems that since that really fast “race” against a couple of my students a couple of weeks back, my Sciatica has flared up. I am fighting a bit of pain in the glutes especially as I get started on a run. …. bummer.

I’ll have to be careful and do lots of GOing… I feel great on the GO!


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