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2016 Turkey Trot

It is Turkey Day once again…. no, Thanksgiving Day.  I have a LOT to be thankful for. God has blessed me very well… Just ask about next summer’s vacation plan!

So today I ran Lancaster YMCA’s annual Turkey Trot.  This was my 5th consecutive one. I am happy with my results as they are 1 minute 15 seconds faster than last year. At my age, if you can get older and not get slower you are doing something right! My last race, the Warrior run I started fast and faded badly. So today I used my Garmin to shoot for an even pace. I set it for 22:30. I ended up at 23:05, but the Garmin read the course slightly long. My pace was 7:16 a mile. The warrior run was 22:27 but 7:23 a mile…. I guess that is what you get with haphazard course measuring.  Oh well, I felt good today.

I felt the best that I have felt in a month or so since I strained my hamstring, or glutes, or sciatica or whatever it was that was causing me pain in the left buttocks…

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