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Camping Vacation in San Diego

One of the best perks of teaching is 14 weeks off each year. And, once you have reached my age and if you have been careful with your money (all debts paid in full!) you have the time and means to enjoy yourself. Last year I bought a 12 foot camping trailer and a Chevy Colorado to pull it with. Last Friday I took an extra day off and loaded them up and drove to San Diego.


We camped at the Mision Bay RV Resort, right on the shore of Mission Bay. Walking our first evening we enjoyed an awesome sunset.


Saturday morning we got up, waited until it warmed up just a bit and got on our tandem for a ride around Mission Bay – and Mission Beach – and Fiesta Island… click on the video to start it…



Sunday we headed over to Balboa Park. We spent the morning wandering around, especially visiting the gardens.We spent the afternoon attending the Spreckels Outdoor Organ concert.

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Monday I decided to go for a run. I headed out the same direction as the long Mission Bay Loop tandem ride, but I cut across the bridge when I came to it and looped past Sea World and back to camp for a 9 miler.  Here is the Strava Link if you care to look at it….  The synopsis is 9 miles easy – which came out to a 8:45 pace. I am happy with that.

Later we went and toured the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier and then took a Segway tour through Segway Nation…. Segway’s are a blast! I had never ridden one before but all of us had a really fun time!

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Tuesday, Cheryl and I took the tandem back out for a shorter ride – 12 miles in an hour –  which is a pretty good pace for the two of us on the Tandem. We rode to Fiesta Island and circled it again. I never knew that Fiesta Island existed, but it is a fun place to go for a bike ride. There was a group out there doing laps… click on video to play…

fiesta-island-reliveSadly, Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve we had to come home….

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