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3 miles and some plans

My left hamstring, sciatica issue is pretty much subsided. I can start a run and feel comfortable again! The last week has been an easy week – as outlined in my post about my vacation, and the turkey trot. I took the 3 day weekend off, plus Monday…

But today, I was back at it full force. I ran a workout with my Hillview runners – a figure 12 warmup and 24 minutes of what I call Basketball intervals. The basketball intervals are short, maybe 200 meters, slight uphill and walk back, shorter… ongoing for 20 minutes. I did not allow myself to race anyone…

Then at the Tuesday HDR workout we did 3 times 7 minutes. I took off thinking 7:15 pace would be nice, but Kent fell in step with me and asked if I was shooting for 7. He wanted me to pace him to a 7 minute mile. At the end of one lap I glanced at my watch and saw 1:45 so I thought, okay, lets do this. The next lap came in a 3:29, still right on pace. Lap 3 actually went a little quicker finishing at 5:12. I held steady around one more time. Kent fell back and then tried kicking to the finish. I finished at 6:59 – Kent was 7:04.

The next two reps were on my own. Kent took his one shot and ran much slower the next two times. I noticed the next first lap in 1:39 so I just kept going adjusting my pace and finishing at 6:58…. Third rep, same thing – 6:57.

I remembered a few years back, Clay keeping track of miles done sub 7, so once I had that first, I wanted the other two…maybe next year I will keep track now that I know I can still do them!

The other thought I had was that I just did half of a Yassoo 800 workout, at 3:29 pace, with less recovery. A Yassoo 800 workout is a famous workout where you do 12 reps of 800 meters with a lap recovery jog between. If you do them at 3:30 pace you should be ready to run a marathon in 3:30!  The reason for the marathon workout thoughts was that I am about ready to commit to two marathons this spring.

The Rubles are planning on doing the Mt Charleston Marathon outside of Vegas. This is one of those crazy fast downhill marathons. Krysti wast to Boston Qualify. She qualified last year, but not with enough cushion and did not make it when she tried to register. I, of course would love to BQ again.

The other race I am looking at is the Hampshire Hoppit Marathon. This is in Hampshire, not New Hampshire, but Hampshire… England, not New England. It looks like a beautiful English countryside trail marathon two days prior to my next cruise…. London to Hampburg Germany and then all the way up the coast of Norway to the very top, in the artic circle!  The Hoppit Marathon would be 6 or 7 weeks after Mt Charleston. I could build back up, do a few long runs and be in good shape.

So, I have been looking at various training plans, including a couple that build Elliptigo use into them, but I think I will design my own. The general idea for weekends would be a cycle of long trail run, long road run with some speed – or a race, and a long Elliptigo run for a recovery week…

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