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14 on the PCT – 1000 for the year.

December began with a day of rest, Thursday. Well, rest from running. I did go to the Clayve and do about 30 minutes of work.

Friday I ran with the team. We did the dice game. You run a lap, you roll the dice, the dice give you a quantity and type of exercise, you run a lap and repeat. I ended up with about 4 miles.

Saturday, more rest.

This morning I did something I about my recent lack of endurance runs. I met Dave Weary, Joel Lazano, Dennis White and Jim Haskett at the PCT / San Francisquito Canyon. Everyone had their own plans. In fact, it turned out that Dave, Dennis and I were all closing in on 1000. I knew I was close but I did not recall the exact amount. As we headed out Dave, Dennis, Joel and I stayed pretty close together. Joel turned around at the 5 mile mark. After we crossed Spunky Edison road, at 7 miles I turned around. I turned, where I turned,  just because I figured 14 sounded better than 13 point something. Dave continued planning on turning at 8, for a 16 miler to finish 1000. Dennis planned to go to the next ridge and turn back for 18, though he needed 20 to get 1000.

As it turned out, when I finished, with 14.2 somehow…. the Garmin was a little inconsistent measuring the way out compared to the way back… My total came up with 1000.07 for the year…. Woo Hoo!


More pleasing than the arbitrary annual total, though was the fact that 14 miles felt pretty good. Next week I will shoot for 16 and the week after I plan on running the Paramount 30K. I registered this week, knowing I could drop it to a half if I wanted to.

Also very pleasing, and somewhat surprising, I set two PRs out there on my run. The very first climb heading up from San Francisquito and another right after the turn around.

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