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GO Buddy GO

Sunday was the 17th annual Jingle Bell Fun Run 5k. The Rubles have been directing it the last two years. They have added some fun and excitement to the event, adding medals for all finishers, pancakes and really encouraging costumes. In fact, they bough a dozen costumes, or so and had some of the club leaders, their children, and whomever they could find, come in in costume.

They asked me to be Buddy the Elf, from the movie – Elf.  The costume was pretty funny!

With the costume, and my recent aches and pains, I opted not to race. Instead, I asked the Rubles if they’d like me to lead the way on my Elliptigo! I figured, it would be awesome to be Buddy the Elf riding the Elliptigo through the park on a Sunday morning!

I wasn’t sure how the GO would handle the dirt and gravel path, so I got there early and did a trial run. It was a bit windy. The hard packed dirt was fine. The gravel parking lot was a little squirrelly, especially when it came time to make a 90 degree corner. It took me 15:20, so I figured I could outGO any of the runners. When the race started, they took off really fast and I had to sprint to stay ahead of them for a couple hundred meters, but then they settled in and so did I. It was much easier staying at the fastest runners pace. A high school runner from Eastside name Alex won in 18:05. I led him all the way to the finish. Then I headed back out and rode through the course encouraging the runners as I past them. Later I led the kid’s K as well – two laps around one of the park’s basins.

This was probably the most fun I’ve had at the Jingle Bell Jog. We costumed “characters” had lots of fun interacting with the runners and each other. Jim Haskett was some sort of Garden Gnome…

He hung out near the finish and “ran” in with some of the later runners. He’d run with this exaggerated arms out to the sides gate …. I wish I had it on video…
If you’d like to check out the rest of the MANY pics of the day …. Click Here!

As for the rest of the last week –

  • Tuesday I ran the Hillview to the Tunnels run with the kids. I felt pretty good, but I tightened up later in the evening, so I passed on the HDR track workout. The Clayve was cancelled.
  • Wednesday I rested.
  • Thursday I got the GO out – first ride since the Century ride, and rode it to school. Then after school we ran the Leapfrog Run. Again, I felt okay for the run but tightened up significantly later. I GO-d home of course.

Friday I was really tight and had point in my glute…. So, nothing on Friday or Saturday.

It is looking like I need to go back to rehab….. I am going to do only GO or cycle riding until after Christmas break. Well, maybe I’ll do the 12 days of Christmas workout next Tuesday…



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