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12 Days of Christmas

Today was the 3rd annual 12 Days of Christmas HDR track workout – the second one at Marie Kerr Park. The workout is quite grueling. I brought the following list to the park. We start at number one and then do each item on the list as if we were singing the song.

20161220_191151So, 1 Hop the steps – (5 Steps maybe 18 inches each), then 2 laps up the ramp and hop the steps again. Then a skip around 3 cones, 2x up the ramp and hop the steps again. Then run to the tables and run over 4 separate tables, then skips, then ramps, then hops… You get the idea. All the way up to 12 with 12 “right Turns’ adding up to about a 3K (1.85) run. Of course when you finish the run you have to go back through 11, 10, 9…. etc.

Justin Koo was the fastest, followed by me, Luke Trenkle, Kent Trenkle, Kathy Diorio and Clare Durand. That is all the participants we had this evening..

20161220_191113(Justin left before we took the picture)

I have not run or ridden since the JB fun run. I’ve done a Yoga workout or two and I’ve been walking the mall and the neighborhood. I felt pretty good. I was pleased with my pace on the run – 1.84 miles in 15:34 = 8:28 a mile.

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