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Camping, Riding, Running … @ Newport Dunes

As a kid, who grew up in Fountain Valley, it never occurred to me to go camping in Newport Beach…. I delivered newspapers there… but some friends mentioned that they liked to camp there, so we figured we’d give it a try. It was a great trip!

We left Monday morning, the day after Christmas. We stopped in San Bernardino to visit sister Nancy and take her out for a few hours. In the afternoon we made our way to Newport. We got settled in and went for a couple of walks in the evening. The campground is on the shore of Newport Beach’s Back Bay. It has it’s own cove with a walking bridge across it. There were platforms placed out in the water and they had set up Christmas Light decorations. The effect was pretty awesome.

Tuesday morning,  Cheryl and I got on our Tandem and headed out for a ride. We started heading clockwise around the back bay trail. Then we followed the Mountains to Sea trail inland to the Orange County foothills. At one point the trail was closed and we had to find our way around. At the upper end the paved path turned to a dirt path but we kept going. We had never tried the tandem on the dirt but it did pretty well, except for one deep sand spot.It did not handle sand well at all…

mountains-to-sea-ride Here is the Strava “Relive” video of the ride – be sure to clikck the link.

In total we did 39 miles. This is the 2nd longest ride we’ve done on the Tandem!!

Tuesday night we used a Goupon deal to snag some cheap tickets on a Chrismas Light Harbor Cruise….

On Wednesday I got up and went for a run. I had not run since the previous Tuesday as I am letting my nagging piriformis have a break. From the get go, I felt good! Started around the bay going counter clockwise. I was thinking out and back, but I just kept going and did a 10 mile complete loop – Strava Link….


stopping of course for some selfies along the way.

After the run, I was feeling pretty fatigued. 10 is farther than I’ve run in a few weeks… Next we headed to Balboa Penninsula and parked the truck and walked around for awhile killing time. At 11 we took a Segway tour…. Our 2nd Segway riding opportunity. It was awesome fun. (As of the time of writing this I have already reserved trip number 3…. and have a 4th in mind.)

Then we went whale watching. We saw no whales, but on the way back in some sea gulls were entertaining those of us near the back of the boat drafting us.

Then we went back to camp, had dinner and walked the cove a couple more times.I  got a bunch more pics and this time there was absolutely no breeze. The water was glassy making some awesome photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, today was time to come home. I am pretty sore from the run….



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