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2017 Begins

First thing of the new year was yet another HDR hangover run.

I did the 7.5 mile run at a 10:27 pace. Looking back at other attempts on this run that is my 3rd fastest pace…. and I was not trying to push the pace at all… I started with Dave Weary, but after the freeway he trailed behind. I got to the top, waited a few minutes, and headed back down.  The HDR crew had a great time hanging out and chatting thereafter.

My plans for 2017 call for:

  1. To run/ride 2017 ReQ…. This is a metric I made up called running equivalents. I do not expect to return to the 2000+ running miles of a few years ago. But as I integrate the Elliptigo into my program I should make up the difference. The formula for ReQs is that running miles count 1:1, Elliptigo miles count 2:1 (each GO mile counts for 1/2) and other cycling miles count 4:1.
  2. A Boston Qualifying marathon. I am either going to attempt it at the Mt Charleston Marathon outside of Las Vegas (uber downhill) in late April or at the Mountains 2 Beach in Ojai at the end of May. If I fail I will have the option of training for a late summer marathon such as Santa Rosa.
  3. To lose weight. I have been hovering in the low 180s and that needs to be down into the 160s by the time I do my BQ attempt.
  4. To do 10,000 each: push ups, dips, plank ups and squats. This works out to 50 in a day on 200 different days in the year. I read an article that specified these four exercises as the four most needed for runners. Clay – feel free to make a suggested addition. I still plan on attending the Clayve 1 or 2 times each week, but this will maintain some strength in between. I was considering adding pull ups, (band assisted) but I am not sure if that would be too many.
  5. To train for my BQ, I am going to focus primarily on losing weight and rebuilding my endurance base. My BQ time would be 3:40 so an 8:15 pace would give me a few minutes cushion. My average pace on long runs is already in the 8:30 range so speed should not be a major issue. My plan calls for most of my long runs on trails. To build some speed endurance I will enter a number of trail and road 10ks and Half Marathons. If I choose to wait for Ojai, I would run the Leona Divide 30K….I have already submitted my entry to the Pacific Half Marathon in Agoura Hills and the Wings for Life World run. Last year I ran more than 16 miles at an 8:09 pace at this race. It would be 3 weeks prior to Ojai…. If I do Mt Charleston it becomes an afterthought – the following week.

The links in the header up above will take you to my training plan. It is labeled Run n Go. The page labeled 2017 shows the event plans and results as the year progresses as well as monthly totals.

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  1. Dale,
    Nice plan. I like the ReQ’s maybe I should do that but would only be hiking in the mountains for the running part. Pushups and plankups are to much alike I would pick one. Squats are not great for your sciatica as your hams and gluteals are always tight causing your back to round. I would do reverse lunges using a stick for balance leaning forward at the hips the farther your leg goes back.

    To lose the weight I would eat a very large breakfast, salad with meat on top for lunch. Then eat a light dinner of some kind of fish, eggs, grass fed beef or chicken. Eat out half as much and avoid all sugar and diet drinks yes diet drinks. Start turning the calories into lean muscle with all the exercises.

    When I was training the boys I had them eliminate ALL sugar and processed bag or boxed foods due to the inflammatory response on training. As we get older this response to poison causes poor healing and recovery and injuries linger longer.

    Teach your body to use it’s fat stores more by eating high quality fats. I have turned to coconut oil for cooking as well as putting it on my skin instead of lotion. I eat a lot of meat with some cheese. Turn your metabolic system from a carb based system to more of a fat based metabolism. You will then start burning fat easier and the weight slides right off. You will find you can go 24 hours without eating a meal and not even realize it.

    The pilots of the SR-71 ate a meal of steak and eggs before each flight as they could be flying for 12 hours.

    Good luck and see you at the Clayve

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