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Bunny Hill Run

First, after Sunday’s hangover run, I recovered well. I took Monday off. I waited until Tuesday evening to run with the HDR people….. and then, for the first time ever…. no one showed. About 10 after, apparently a few did. But the workout I had planned would have been silly on my own, and if I went and ran laps and people showed up they’d have missed me, and it was pretty cold and windy… I went home and shifted this week’s schedule by a day.

So, today my only plan was 5 miles. I am trying to use trails whenever possible, so I headed over to P-12 and ran to the Bunny Hill (also called Bus Bench by the high school runners – officially Margo Hill)  It came out exactly 6. It was very windy and cold.

Clay replied to my last post regarding my goal of 10,000 reps of Squats, Push UPs, Plank ups and Dips. He pointed out that plank ups and push ups are very similar and he recommended reverse lunges rather than squats. So, Lunges it is, rather than squats. And, the article I got this idea had originally suggested planks, not plankups. I had switched to Plank-ups so that I could count to 50. So instead of 50 plank ups, it will be 5 minutes of planks. I will allow myself to switch versions of planks to make my 5 minutes. So, I am calling my revised plan PPLD. On my training log I will list these days as 50 PPLD – Push-ups, Planks, Lunges and Dips.

Sunday the 1st, and Monday the 2nd I did my 50 PPLD. Tuesday – rest. Today I have completed them as well. So far, 3 out of 4. Now I have to work a regular pull up regimen into the program.

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