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Vacation is over…Half a Bunny Hill

I heard a Ted talk Friday. It was about what factor best correlates with success. It was not intelligence or talent. It was grit. Grit was something I had lots of… a few years ago. I have been trouble finding it lately…. The Ted talk was not so helpful about how to build it, btw…

So, this last week of Christmas break was pretty lazy, as far as training goes. As mentioned in my last article I did a 6 mile trail run Wednesday. That was it till today. I knew I HAD to get a long run in if nothing else. So, after church I headed over to P-12 and ran up into the hills behind Highland again. I started the same heading up the south west ridge. But then I dropped off the back – west side of it. I had no exact plan. I just started following trails. I went up some mountain biker’s single track that meandered every which way heading up a hill. At the top I was treated to a nice panorama.


Continuing North west I found my way to the top of another hill…. something is out of place here –


A treadmill, complete with a bottle of water in the holder…. If only there were some place to plug it in……

I continued toward the Bunny Hill, but rather than going over, I bypassed it to the left. I made my way down to the aqueduct. I thought I would run the dirt to 60th and turn back. But there were 5 or 6 runners headed the other way on the paved side. So, when I got to the bridge I crossed over and determined myself to see if I could catch them.

I caught a couple in about 2 miles and the others after 3. I tried to stay on the dirt shoulder, rather than run on the pavement. I reached the Highland end of the aqueduct right at 10 miles. I was feeling rather spent, but I pressed on. I headed up the ridge right above the aqueduct finding paths I had never run before. At 11 miles I turned to the southwest into the housing project, found the main road and headed down (again, beside it, on the dirt.)

I had finished a Half Marathon by the time I got back to my truck! So, I am thinking – next week – 15 or 16 and then go do the Calico 30K the week after, just for fun….


I have done a little better, grit wise, on my 10000 PPLD. I am up to 250 each of Push Ups, Planks (25 minutes), Lunges, and Dips. That is 5 out of 8 days. If I do tomorrow, I’ll be at the 2 for 3 ratio that I need. The trick with this is not to wait too late in the evening to get started. I could do all of them in a rather short period of time, but then I would be all wound up and sweaty. Instead, I have been inserting sets during breaks (commercial and otherwise) in whatever I am doing…. like writing this blog post.

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