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Struggling along

I am in a weird sort of fitness right now.  On the one hand I can go do some nice long trail runs. I can go on fairly long bicycle rides. I can hike and walk tirelessly. I am getting better at push ups, planks, reverse lunges and tricep dips.

On the other hand I am heavier than I want to be. My left glute gets aggravated sometimes after a run. I can’t run 5 or 6 days a week….

My last post, January 8 was about a half marathon length trail run… Since then:

  • Monday 1/9- recovery- I walked 4 miles in the mall and did my 50 PPLD. (50 push ups, 5 minutes planks, 50 (reverse) lunges, 50 (tricep) dips)
  • Tuesday 1/10 – recovery – 3.7 mile run with the HIllview kids. I felt pretty sore,
  • Wednesday 1/11 – 4 mile run with the team feeling a little better once warmed up and 50PPLD. I made the team do most of the 50PPLD with me!
  • Thursday 1/12 – rained out at HIllview but I did 30 minutes indoor cycling, a 3.5 mile mall walk and 50 pPLD
  • Friday – rained out and flooded out. A broken washing machine hose flooded a few rooms while I was gone and I spent the evening trying to dry things out.
  • Saturday 1/14 – We went on another Segway ride, this time in Long Beach! Lots of fun but not much exercise in it. I did the 50PPLD
  • Sunday 1/15 – Since I am registered for Sunday’s Calico Ghost Town 30K I needed to step the mileage even further. So Sunday afternoon I went to the PCT and ran from Bouquet Canyon Northwest 8 miles which happens to be right at a little wooden bridge. Then I turned and ran back. The glute felt fine for the run. Here are the details:  16.0 miles – 2:49:33 – 10:36 pace – 2358ft elevation gain – 2800 calories pct-bouquet-to-8-mile-bridge-run-strava
  • Monday 1/16 – Cheryl and I drove to San Bernardino to do a tandem ride before visiting with her sister. We parked at the upper end of the Santa Ana River Bike Trail. In the parking area it did not seem too cold, but soon after starting it felt quite frigid. I had two layers on, and Cheryl three, but I could hear her back there shivering, especially in the early morning shadows. About 5 miles in she asked for a restroom. There was nothing anywhere nearby. I knew, however there was a park coming up in another 4 or 5. At about 8 miles we got a flat on the front. The big tandem does that from time to time – pinch flats from sharp bumps – first in years. But now she had to “Go”. So I pumped some air back in it and rode the two miles to the park. But there was no restroom at the park…. so I pumped some more air in and headed down the road into town looking for a restroom. About a half mile down, we found one. I finally fixed the flat. It was still cold, but a little better. We turned and headed back, getting in 21 miles.  Click here for RELIVE video..
  • Tuesday 1/17 – 3 miles with the Hillview kids. They were doing some short intervals I tried not to push the pace being sore from the 16 miler. We also did the 50 PPLD. I also ran with the HDR Peeps. It was awesome to have some new runners out there. We did 3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,1. I was feeling looser than I had in the afternoon. I averaged around 1:38 – 1:40 a lap, which was probably too fast…  I also did a 2 mile walk with my wife and the dog.
  • Wednesday 1/18 – too sore to try to run with Hillview. Sore just walking…. A few brave students and my co-coach Larry braved about 3.5 miles around the school area at 45 degrees with 20 mph winds…. It was brutal just keeping an eye on them from my truck.
  • Thursday 1/19 – today -less sore today. Still did not try to run. Too wet to GO.. But I got in a 4 mile mall walk AND a 2 mile walk the dog… and the 50 PPLD. Well, I am about to go finish the 50 PPLD – I am up to 500 reps! Only 9500 to go!

THEY CANCELLED THE CALICO 30K AND 50K due to the storm forecast for Sunday. I don’t recall ever having a race cancelled ahead of time due to rain…. I guess there are flash flood issues, and slippery trails… It would not have been much fun anyway.  Drat…

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