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One of my longest trail runs ever..

First – catching up:

  • After Saturday’ GO ride in Santa Clarita, on Sunday, I got in a 10 mile run. It was raining, but not too bad. I ran over to Marie Kerr park and ran around a bit in the park and ran back home. Later I got in my 50 push-ups, planks, lunges and dips. (PPLD)
  • Monday I got in a 4 mile mall walk and a 2 mile walk in the neighborhood.
  • Tuesday I got in a run with HIllview – We ran down to 45th and N and ran up 45th and N8 doing 1 minute hill repeats. I held back as I was feeling pretty sore. I was not able to make it to the HDR workout….
  • Wednesday we did a 4 mile loop up to the aqueduct. I also got in my  50PPLD workout.
  • Thursday we ran the 5 mile “Tunnels” run up to the aqueduct. + 50 PPLD + 4 mile mall walk.
  • Friday I was feeling pretty fatigued from the 3 days in a row – I rested.

Today I headed over to Bouquet Canyon and the PCT. I did the 4 mile run up to the ridge and just kept going. Heading down the back side of the ridge there was quite a few places where snow covered the trail. I saw lots of paw prints of some sort, but no human prints other than mine.


I continued down to Spunky Edison and on another 3 miles, making it 9 miles out and 9 back. The trail was quite… I saw three runners within the first 2 miles up the first ridge and I saw one other guy at about 8 miles. I saw him again after I had turned around, by then he was at Spunky Edison road. Other than that no one… The snow coming down from the ridge was a little bit harder going back up. It felt like running in sand.

I felt pretty good during the run. I was getting pretty fatigued during the last couple of miles.  But that was to be expected. I am thinking that this was probably my second longest trail run, second to last springs Leona Divide 30K.

My Hoka One-One Challenger shoes have flimsy inserts. I have noticed that they tend to come up my heel a little bit in my shoe as I run, but today it got out of hand. I felt it as I was running but it did not bother me so I just let it go. By the time I finished they were 4 or 5 inches out of my shoe!


Oh, and we got in another 4 mile mall walk – albeit a little slower than normal, in the afternoon.

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