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Two for Tuesday

Plus a January RECAP –

My totals for January were not too shabby, especially considering I was coming off a 2 or 3 week break in December:

  • Running 108
  • Elliptigo 21 – just one ride, this could have been higher
  • Tandem 27 – just one ride here as well – January was RAINY
  • Running Equivalents 127 – My own metric formulated from adding running miles with 1/2 Elliptigo miles and 1/3 other cycling miles.
  • PPLD 850 – right on schedule for 10000 in 2017

What is NOT on schedule is weight loss. I began the month at 185 and ended it at 183.5….

Yesterday, however I had a couple of pretty good workouts. The Hillview kids and I did our Leap Frog Run. This run on the streets of Rancho Vista Golf Course’s houses challenges the runners not to drop to the back of the pack. If you drop to the back you leap frog a cul de sac and now others are fighting to avoid the back. It amounts to a 9 minute interval. I got leap frogged once right off the bat – the children started too quickly, but that was it. On the way back only 2 runners beat me.  With the run to and from the area the run becomes almost 5 miles.

Later at the HDR workout I tried something new – the Pick A Card workout. I had a deck of cards. The value of each card was assigned to an exercise. Some of them were 2 minute recoveries…  The suit of each card was assigned a run distance: hearts = 1 lap, diamonds = 2, clubs = 3 and spades = 4. Everyone was on their own to get in as much running and exercising as they could before time was up.


I think everyone enjoyed the change of pace.

I don’t recall all the exercises but I recall starting with 3 laps. Next I ran one and timed it at 1:39. Then I did another 3 laps in 6:00, then a 4 in 7:50, then a 1 in 1:38, then a 3 in 5:50, and the last one –  a 3 at recovery pace. So, two 3s, two 1s and a 4. 3 miles at half marathon pace or faster. I figure adding the two workouts I did at least 5.5 miles of speed work.

Today, a recovery day, I rode my GO to Hillview for the first time all year. I did run a one mile warm up with the team. When I have pushed myself, the following run or two starts off painfully (left buttocks.) Then of course I GO-d home. Riding the GO is painless…

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