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1,000 down – 9,000 to go

This article in Runner’s World prescribes 4 exercises as being the “only four exercises that a runner really needs.”  So, I decided back at the beginning of January to give these a serious try. I mean a serious try.

You see, the last couple of years I have been depending on the Clayve for strength work, but my busy schedule (and often my laziness) have not got me there consistently enough. For a while I was in a bad rut where I would go after having missed a long time and then I’d get really sore so that I would not be willing/able to go back for another couple of weeks and then I’d be really sore again….

So, in search of consistently, like I said, I decided to give this a try. First, I spoke with my good friend Clay, who happens to be a physical therapist. He suggested one modification, but otherwise, said, “Good idea.”

The four exercises are Push-ups, Planks, Dips and Squats. Clay’s suggestion was Reverse lunges rather than squats. So, this is the PPLD I have been talking about – Planks, Push-ups, Lunges and Dips. My goal is to do 10,000 of each of these this year. In the case of Planks, which are time based rather than rep based, my goal is 1,000 minutes. (5 minutes = 50 reps, or you could say 6 seconds = 1 rep) My method of reaching 10,000 is to do 50 reps a day for 200 days in the calendar year.

Today, I hit 1,000 !! Woo Hoo!!

I am noticing improvements already. On the push-ups I can now do up to 25 in one set. I tried and succeeded (barely) to get my hands airborn today! The other day I did 10 or 15 with my feet elevated! On the dips I have also reached a 1 set max of 25, with legs straight out in front of me, not bent like shown in the article.

As for the planks, I have been varying the type with the standard face down planks, side planks, face up planks (with heels and elbows on the floor – I call these surfboards) and table-tops. I have done 2 minutes straight of regular planks and table tops, 1 minute max on side planks and surf boards. Leg extensions during table tops are getting pretty easy as long as I don’t hold them too long –  a month ago a leg extension would cause the supporting leg to cramp.

I will from time to time post about further progress as I work my way to 10,000!

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