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Getting Ambitious

or maybe I should have titled this – the Mojo’s back ?

After Tuesday’s two runs I continued a successful week. On Wednesday I got up loaded the Elliptigo and road it to school for the first time in months. It ws 40 degrees outside, but dressed appropriately, no big deal. I ran the Hillview Club runner’s warm up, just a mile, very slow – a recovery jog. Then I rode the GO home. I got in my 50 PPLD.

Thursday I rode the GO again to school. One of the students wanted to run Mt. Rite Aid. This is a 5.5 mile run (one of their longest). It was cool and windy, but we got it done. Then of course the GO home again.  Later I walked 4 miles in the mall with Cheryl and once again I completed my 50PPLD.

Friday – no GO. After school it was lightly raining. But here is where I am finding myself happy with myself. No kid’s showed up, but Larry – my co-coach and I went and ran anyway. I knew that today was breakfast with dad, and go visit sister Nancy day (read – almost impossible to get in a run of any length) so Larry and I headed past the aqueduct up toward the bunny hill. Larry’s longest run in decades is a 10K we ran at a teacher conference in Anaheim, so I turned back at a place that would add up to about 7! Woo – Hoo, longest run PR for Larry! I continued over the bunny hill and meandered down the south side. I then made my way counterclockwise back toward the hill but skirted it and headed back to Hillview. I got in a hilly 10 miler on a Friday. It was reminiscent of the stuff I used to do when going for my first BQ. I remember doing 20 milers after school in loops around Hillview because that was the only way to fit it into the schedule….

So, today, I feel great. I did lose a pound this week. Now I am feeling ambitious.

So, if you click the 2017 tab below the site header you will see some green on the schedule. Green on my upcoming race lists means that I am registered. I registered for a 10K in San Bernardino next week to get a gauge of my present fitness. AND, I registered for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon. They were down to about 100 entries so I figured I should not wait much longer. I am going to shoot for a Boston Qualifier.

As a (soon to be) 55 year old man, I will have to run sub 3:40….. to actually get in I will need several minutes of cushion. So, if I can run M2B at a 8:10 to 8:15 pace I should be golden!

Last time I ran Mountains 2 Beach – 5 years ago, when it was called Ojai to Ocean, I set my PR – 3:15:20. I look forward to getting back out there and trying it again.

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