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Side tracked by remodeling…

Friday the 11th, we had our kitchen counter replaced. The took out the old white ceramic tiles and put in Quartz.  And thus begun a major disruption in our lives. They took the weekend off which enabled me to get to that Valentines race on the 12 – see the last post.

Sunday afternoon was devoted to removing all the furniture from our Living Room, and Family Room. Monday, they came and removed all the carpet and prepared to install new flooring. Tuesday I needed to get home quickly so I did not run with the Hillview team.

I did make it to Joe Walker for the HDR workout. We had a really nice 5,4,3,2,1 workout. As I ran it I remember asking everyone to try to see if they could go a tad faster with each rep. For myself, I was successful.

Wednesday I was able to get a 4 miler in with the HIllview team. We did the 2×4 trial loop. I eased into it and sped up to tempo effort by the end of the first mile. So, I did 3 miles at Tempo effort. I ended up passing all but a couple of the kids by the time I finished.

Thursday there were issues at the house so I headed straight home after school. Friday after school I headed to Vince’s to do the pre race check in for the Nutty Runners 5k. It was actually quite a challenge to get everything prepared for the race with our house all torn up. And getting everything to Vince’s was an adventure in itself . It was quite rainy Friday and my pick up has no shell on it. I was able to get most of the items needed in the back seat of the crew cab, but I had to put aobut 5 boxes in big plastic garbage bags for the ride to  Vinces. The tables – they got wet.

Saturday I directed and ran the Nutty Runners. I’ll post on it separately.

After the race our son Daniel arrived from Virginia. He has applied with the LA Sheriff’s Dept and had spent a few days in Whittier doing testing of various sorts. So, he arrived and we could not even sit in the living room and visit. So, Cheryl felt we need to entertain…. We kicked around for the afternoon and rented a couple of DVDs for the evening. I dug out the TV and got it working while we sat in camping chairs to watch.

After church on Sunday we went to LA to watch a movie…. We figured it would be a nice way to kill some time out of the house. It worked – 7 hours to drive, get some lunch, find the movie, get some ice cream and drive home.

Monday, President’s day, they were still not finished installing the tile. So we spent our time out of the house… mostly at Mulligan’s…. I found a Groupon.

Monday evening they announced that they were done… well mostly, they figured they might need to come back for touch ups when there was more light. Tuesday, the first day with no workers, the toilet broke and the freezer…. I coached the kids thinking I would run with the HDR group but then got someone else to coach the adults while I did plumbing. Then I moved furniture back into the Living room – the only room completely done…


The flooring is Porcelain Tile that looks like wood…. Looks great… very low maintenance! They have replaced 1000 feet of flooring in the living room, the kitchen, the family room, the hallway, the utility room and both bathrooms.

Today, they came to make a correction on the counter in the morning and said that they would be there early afternoon to touch up the floor. So, I passed off the Hillview workout to my assistant and hurried home. The freezer guy showed up but the tile guys did not make it….

Tomorrow, hopefully they will be done.  Tile guys early, carpet repair for transitions at 10… I think I will be able to get a run in tomorrow. In fact I have a plan…..

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