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Thursday Make Up Day

Last post I ranted… or made excuses… for missing a lot of runs over the last 10 days or so. So, yesterday I tried to make up for some of them. I would not ordinarily recommend runners to try to make up for workouts, but since I am busy the next two days as well……

For the first time in years, I ran to school. It was VERY cold but once you are running you get warmed up and used to it. The run was just under 5 1/2 miles.

After school the Hillview team and I started to head out to do our “Tunnels” run, but it was so cold and windy on Rancho Vista Blvd that I decided not to take the kids up to the aqueduct. The kid’s typically show up in shorts and t-shirts regardless of the weather… So we continued down Rancho Vista onto 50th, Right on N, right on 45 which becomes Bolz Ranch, right on Cricket and right on Rancho Vista back to the school. It turned out to be a little shorter than expected at 3.7. We went inside and did some dips and plank work.

Then, of course, I ran home.  The total for the day was more than 14 miles. Once home I headed to the store, bought some paint and got to work on a wall in the family room till about 8, then I finished my 50 PPLD.

I went to bed exhausted…..

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