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Long Run and a good speed workout

I sat down to start to write about tonight’s speed workout and I realized that I did not yet post about the weekend. So here goes another catch up post.

  • Friday the Hillview runners and I ran to Jamba Juice. It was probably one of the most homogeneous groups ever. My 8th graders were not there and the rest of us just rolled along arriving at each stoplight within 30s of each other.
  • Saturday – big trail run. I did the same run last April… 5 or 6 of us gathered at the top of Spunky Canyon. Heather Massari and I started out together, but within a mile she was leaving me behind. So, the run was essentially on my own. I am getting used to it though… I ran up Spunky Edison road to the PCT and then over to San Francisquito and back. This is 17 miles of the Leona Divide 30K. It is especially beautiful out there right now. There are creeks crossing the trail in several places – including a waterfall!
  • Today – Speed work. Once again, I passed on running with the Hillview team so that I’d focus on just one workout. We did the same workout as last week, with 2 more reps. So, we did 12 x 2 minutes. Once again, it was too dark to see my split at the end of each lap. But at 2 minutes I would be at 470 to 790 meters. As we got ready for the 11th rep Kyra announced that she was going to take it really easy so that she would be ready for the last…. We took off and I ran my typical 480. I yelled time, turned around and NO one was on the curve behind me…. All of them held back… So, when we started the 12, Jim Haskett and Kyra sprinted out ahead of me. I focused and concentrated on form, I concentrated on using my lower legs. At 200 meters I had caught Kyra in lane 1 and Jim in lane 2. I tried to pass Kyra on her right and she swerved outward. I moved in and she swerved back.At 300, coming off the turn I found another gear, surged and went by. Jim, though started surging trying to catch me. I continued the surge and stayed a few strides ahead of him. Jim and Kyra quit at 400 m and I continued around the corner to complete the 2 minutes. I ended up at 510 meters. ….. that was sub 20 minute 5K pace…. right up there with where I was finishing em a few years ago.

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