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Week after Valencia Trail Race…

After last Saturday’s trail race I found myself very sore… perhaps even more sore than after the Los Angeles Marathon the preceding week. I believe that the pounding of all the downhills is what did it to me. My Quads were the worst part.

Monday I coached my Hillview runners through a Sweet 16 workout. I did it with them – sort of. Mostly I jogged slowly back across the field as they were doing their drills.

Tuesday, feeling just a little better, I coached the HDR workout. We had a number of young, new runners show up and I felt that it would be a good time to lead them through Sweet 16 as well. This time I was able to get loosened up enough to do all the drills, but my “sprint” was very intentionally very reserved.

Wednesday I coached the HIllview runners once again. This would be the only opportunity of our break to get away from the track so I took them for a tunnels run. By then I was starting to feel almost recovered.

Wednesday afternoon I drove to LA for the National Science Teachers Convention and have been here since. Thursday I walked from my Doubletree Hotel to the convention center – about 2 miles, rather than take the shuttle. At 11, I noted that there were no classes for me until 2. The shuttle was not running so I walked the 2 miles back to the hotel and changed and went for a run … back and forth to the convention center -what else?

Friday I rested, other than lots of walking around the convention center area, and thus concluded the month of March…

March Running 122 YTD 307 Running
Elliptigo 30 104 Elliptigo
Tandem 27 Tandem
Running Equivalents 137 368 Running Equivalents
PPLD 250 1650 PPLD

The plus is that I have exceeded 300 miles for the year in 3 months. I have not put enough miles on the Elliptigo of late to get much training effect from it. I have also somewhat neglected my 50 planks, pushups, lunges and dips of late due to soreness from the Los Angeles Marathon and the Valencia Trail Race.

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