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Feeling off the last few days….

After the race Saturday I felt great. Sunday I went for a 3 mile walk. Monday I got in one of my 50 PPLD workouts. Tuesday afternoon, though I got a headache. This one persisted for hours in spite of some medication. At 6, with the headache still going, and realizing that I was still just a few days off of a hard half marathon effort, I skipped my Tuesday HDR track workout….. well, I went and coached it, but I did not run.  By the end of the workout I noticed the headache had gone.

Wednesday I rode the Elliptigo to school. I kept a good pace there completing the ride in 26:33. Not my fastest, but a nice pace. After school, track season officially began. I rode the GO from Hillview to Greg Anderson where the track team practices (only a mile) and coached their workout. I rode back to Hillview and from Hillview to home. I noted a similar afternoon headache, but not as bad as Tuesdays.

Today, around lunch I felt the headache coming on again. I got to thinking that it could be hydration related. Since I gave up soda, there is nothing to get excited about drinking for lunch and I typically do not drink anything with my lunch when I eat at Hillview. But as soon as I got back to my room I filtered a quart of water and made sure I had finished it within the next 15 minutes. I had no headache at the end of the day….. so maybe I was right?

I ran with the team to Greg Anderson for track practice. We did partner intervals. It seems after a few practices that I have a few REALLY good runners and a lot of pretty good ones. I am faster than most of them though…. which for the boys, is not a great sign. Partner intervals have partners of similar abilities. The 8th grade faster boys paired up. Shelby Smith (very fast) paired up with a new girl named Kelsey (she looks very fast as well.) A couple other of my fast girls were not there… One of my top 7th grade boys had no partner so I paired up with him – Edgar.  (Edgar showed up and ran the Warrior run a few months ago, beating me by just 30s or so.)

Edgar ran first doing a 400 fast enough to be in 2nd place behind the 8th grade boys team. Shelby was not far behind him though and about 1/4 of the way into my lap Shelby’s partner Kelsey went easily by me. Edgar gained on Shelby and made it close by I could not run anywhere near as fast as Kelsey. Still, Edgar and I were the 3rd team for the rest of the workout. I did not time all of my laps but I noted a couple of them and they were both right at 1:40. We did 5 reps.

Next we ran 6 reps of 200 meter partner intervals. Edgar was too tired to keep up with Shelby but still handed off to me in 3rd place. 3 of my other runners passed me on my half of the lap. Edgar re-passed all of those teams and put us back in 3rd. I focused on form and tried to be speedy without straining and potentially hurting myself. After a bit I noted that those other three were not coming for me. I think they had only one super fast 200 in them.  We finished the workout, once again, the 3rd team.

My legs did feel a little on the dead side, fatigued from the Half and also from trying to get back to the sets of reverse lunges… but overall I felt pretty good. We did some planks and push ups before heading back to Hillview.

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