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The hardest step a runner takes

is the first one out the door…..

Without a regular running partner for the weekend it is often hard to get out the door. But this morning I did….

But first, Friday I had an easy day. I ran with the team over to Greg Anderson for practice. We ran an extra mile around the school area. The kid’s added some running games, and then we ran back.

Yesterday was the annual High Desert Runners Poppy Trot run. My original plan was to go two hours early so that I could turn a one hour run into a 3 hour long run. But I read the weather and it said that Sunday would be way less windy than Saturday. So I decided to postpone the long run. When I got out to the preserve it was a bit windy, but the run would have been doable. Krysti, Oscar and I pretty much stayed together as we ran easily around the two main loops of the park. We put in about 5.5 miles. As the afternoon progressed it did get VERY windy.

My first thought for today was to run and afternoon destination run. But once again, the afternoon forcast called for winds more than 20 mph from the northwest. The early morning forecast was more like 6 to 9 so I decided I would have to do an early morning run to church.

This is the point where I have trouble… waking up early and getting out the door. But, since I fear marathons, and I have one planned at the end of May. I got up, got dressed and started out at 5 a.m. It was cold – in the 30s, but I may have overdressed. I had a short sleeve shirt and a long sleeve shirt and an outer sports jacket pullover thing. I wore gloves and a beanie….. and shorts of course, I have not really seen it cold enough that I needed long running pants.


I ran northwest first past Hillview into Quartz Hill going as far as 50th west and M8 before turning southeast to begin heading toward church. The wind, btw, never came up. Not even the light wind forecast. It was cool and still and a beautiful morning. Here is the sunrise taken near Hillview.


The run went well… 20 miles in a tad under 3 hours…. just under a 9 min/mile pace. The sections that were downhill were often sub 8:30…. my marathon is just about ALL downhill!

On this blog I have shared some cycling videos made by a group called ReLive. They have been making them ONLY for cycling rides posted on Strava. Today I got a video from them of my run, so they must now be doing video’s of runs. I discovered also, how to capture it and upload it to youtube so that I could share it here….


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