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GO day


Today, we had a 6 am practice for the distance runners on the track team. Having run 25 1/2 miles in the past two days I knew better than to go run again today. So I woke up early and left the house at 5:30, all bundled up, on the GO. It was 40 degrees, so I had a hoodie, over a long sleeve tech shirt over a short sleeve tech shirt. I know the hoodie is decidedly low tech but it seems to work great for cold weather GOing.  I usually have trouble keeping my hands warm so I grabbed my warmest thickest, play in the snow, gloves. I could still work the gears and brakes. My hands were fine.  Oh, and I wore shorts….. It is weird how I need to cover my ears and my hands before I need to cover my legs….

For track practice, I wanted them to get in a steady pace 4 miler. So we did our 2×4 trial course. I GO’d along with them getting in another 6 miles.

After school, of course I had to GO Home.

Oh, I had my lowest body fat measurement in more than a year – 20%…. The weight is still at 180…

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