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HDR Track does Yasso 800s?

Last time I was seriously training, I would get up early on Thursdays and meet Clay and Karl to do longer intervals on the track. This was typically in addition to the Tuesday night workouts which focus on shorter intervals. Back when I was training for my first Surf City marathon Boston Qualifier, however, I did short interval workouts for awhile and I did a series of longer intervals later. At 55, I figure it wiser to do one workout or the other.

So, I showed up at the track tonight and told the others that we were doing 12 x 3 minutes. I got a panicked look from the others before I said, “well, I’m doing  12 x 3 minutes, you can do 7.” Furthermore, I gave them the option to go more speedy by doing 300m fast with 100m recoveries withing there 3 minute intervals. So, the runners had some freedom to adjust the workout to suit their needs.

Justin Koo was the speediest of the day, as usual. He announced he would reward himself for doing 3 minutes halves by allowing himself to quit after 6. So he did 6 reps of 6 min/mile paced 800s. A young lady named Sylvia, in her second workout with the group stayed consistently ahead of me. Starting close to Justin and slowing down a bit each time. Still Sylvia finished 7 reps at around 6:45 pace. Marie, Kyra, Nestor, and Rob all completed 7 or 8 reps before going on their way.

Kent Trenkle and Kathy Diorio stayed with me for the full workout – for which I am very thankful! They ran at about the same pace, I believe around 8 min/mile.

My goal was 3:30 per lap. I ran very consistently. I can’t remember every single split, but they were all 3:30 – 3:28. At #9 I felt dead and slipped to 3:31. On #10, still feeling dead I focused more on keeping form and using my lower legs for a little extra help. I ran 3:27. #11 dropped off to 3:31 again but I refocused and finished with a 3:28.

Oh, by the way, we had a really good headwind on the home stretch of each lap…. the typical headwind at the Joe Walker track….

Yasso 800s are a workout invented by famous runner – Burt Yasso. The theory of the workout is that if you could do 12 x 800 in X minutes and Y seconds, you should be able to do a marathon in X hours and Y minutes. So, doing 12 800s in 3:29 implies a 3:29 marathon. Early in the workout I jogged a couple hundred meters between each rep, but as fatigue set in the jogging got shorter and the stopping got longer. My goal as the marathon gets closer would be to add more motion between the reps while maintaining the same speed.

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