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Longest Trail Run Ever (so far?)

This morning I headed over to the San Francisquito trail head on the Pacific Crest Trail. With the Leona Divide next week I chose to run on much of the trail I will be doing in the 30K race. I ran south east past the bench, past Spunky Edison road, up and over the “4 mile” (from Bouquet Canyon) ridge till my Garmin said 10. My turn around point happened to be right at the high power wires that pass over the trail on the way up from Bouquet Canyon.

The total on Garmin came in at 20.25. It measured the northwest run somehow longer than the southeast. I have noticed this before. When I start at Bouquet and go northwest, and turn around at whatever “half” way point I choose, say 9 miles for an 18 mile run, when I get back to Bouquet it will say something less than my goal. Last time I shot for 18 I ended up doing a little out and back on the road to “finish” the target total. I wonder why this happens?

The weather was just about perfect. Cool, but not so cold that long sleeves and gloves were necessary. With all the rain, it is quite green out there. There are still a few creeks with water crossing the trail.


This bush with the purple blue flowers looked better in person. I would have taken more pics, but I spent too much time playing games on the phone before the run, and my battery was dead by the time I tried a second picture.

Anyway, I ran a steady “long run” pace for the workout. I averaged a 10:32 pace. For comparison’s sake, I looked up last years Leona Divide 30K race – I averaged 9:46. I set a couple of Strava segment records, so I must have been moving pretty good. I thought I was starting to die, on the last uphill climb, by I noticed my pace going up it was still under 11…. so I figured I must be okay.

I do think I got myself a little dehydrated. I can only carry one water bottle, and I was hoping with the cool weather it would be enough, but I was only drinking every 2.5 miles and I ran out and I was wishing for more the last half. It did not seem to affect my run, but I was feeling it when I finished.

Here is a link to the Strava data on the run.

This run put me over 400 miles for the year already – 402! At this pace I would finish the year with about 1400 miles… probably not though with a BIG summer vacation planned.

“I am thinking that the “Relive” people will send me one of their videos for the run. When’If they do I will post it here…..”

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  1. Great Job!! I took a picture of that same blue bush on my A&M Time Monday April 10. Check it out on STRAVA. Pretty bush. Probably should carry 2 bottles of water ya think?

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