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Solid week of training…

After Tuesday’s Yasso 800 workout, I kept up a busy week:

Wednesday I rode the GO to Hillview, I rode it to Greg Anderson for track practice, I rode it back to Hillview and then Home –  a total of almost 15 miles.  I also got in my 50PPLD workout for the third day in a row.

Thursday I got up early and ran to Hillview. I took Rancho Vista Blvd, rather than Bolz Ranch road (the route I take when riding) so it is a 5.5 mile run. I had originally scheduled Marathon Pace runs on Thursdays, but I figure with the races I am doing every couple of weeks, I am getting the “marathon pace” training in…. besides, I feel that any trail run, equates to marathon pace effort every time you run uphill. IN  addition to the run to school, I ran to track, back to Hillview and home again – 13 miles total.  Plus my 50 PPLD workout.

Friday I Elliptigo-d to school, ran about 4 miles with the team, sneaking in some hill repeats, and then Elliptigo-d home again.   The GO ride in the morning was one of my slowest due to fighting a head wind the whole way. The ride home was in the top 5 fastest, as the same wind proved favorable for much of the ride…

My weight was down to 177.6 on Friday morning, with a body fat of 19.5. This is the lowest it has been since my long break in the fall of 2014.

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