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10K at 7:15 pace!!

Well, not all at once though…..

Tonight I led the HDR peeps in another Cruise Interval oriented workout. My plan is to progress from the 12 x 800 reps we did last week to 6 x 1 mile in the weeks leading up to my BQ attempt at the Mountains to the Beach Marathon.  Of course the Tuesday night runners are not all trying to get ready for a marathon so I have variations planned for different levels of runners.

My plan, for tonight was to do 10 x 1000 in the McMillan Calculator prescribed time of 4:29=4:35. I need to keep things even for the others so I announced a workout of Up to 10 reps of 4 minutes each with a 2 minute recovery. This way I figured most of the others would be close to 2 laps at 4 minutes and would not have far to go during the recovery. I would continue my fast run to 1000 m at about 4:30 leaving me 90s to jog a half lap recovery to meet the others.

This would be a big step up from last week, as last week there was 2 and half minutes of recovery and I did very little jogging during it.

I finished the first right at 4:29 and it felt pretty easy. I jogged slowly around the other 200 and made it to the start line. I had about 15 seconds to walk the last 10 meters, congratulate and encourage the others, say, “1 down, 9 to go” and take off again. The second felt tougher but I came in at 4:30. On the third I was still trying to do it with the fresh legged effort of the first one and I came in at 4:35. This was within the acceptable range of times on the McMillan calculator, but I REALLY felt rushed, missing the 5 seconds of recovery.

So, on the next one, while pushing my hips into the headwind I had a revelation. On the downwind side I continued pushing the hips forward and let the tailwind work with gravity for some extra speed. I felt good and came in at 4:30. The remaining reps went like clockwork: 4:30, 4:30, 4:31, 4:29, 4:30, and 4:28.

Rob Perez, Kathy Diorio, Nestor Ponce De Leon, and Kent Trenkle all hung in for 8 reps which was awesome, leaving me with just two to do on my own.

Next 3 days I will be doing a mini taper for the Leona Divide 30k Saturday morning.

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