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Good thing it is not “Christ’s Church of the Mountain Top – 22 mile downhill practice for Mountains 2 Beach

First- a recap since Tuesday….

Wednesday I Elliptigo-d to School, and then to track practice. We did my Sweet 16 workout on the infield… I did it with them, plus we ran some repeats on the stairs. Then I Go-d home. Cheryl and I went to the mall and did our longest ever mall walk – 6 miles. At home I did my 50PPLD workout while watching “The Voice” on TV.

Thursday was track meet day. The team looks unbeatable. Well the girls are unbeatable and the boys are in the thick of things, so overall, things look very strong. It was a VERY windy day. In spite of the wind I GO-d to school. It took me 33 minutes – it usually takes 25. I GO-d from HIllview to Joe Walker – almost all on significant downhills – but the wind was from the north and I had to downshift and pedal to get DOWN the hills. By the time the meet was over at 6, though the wind had shifted to slightly south of west, whereas earlier it had been a strong Northwest wind. (20+ with gusts even stronger). The south component of the wind, added to the uphills, made the ride home not so much fun either. I got in a 4 mile mall walk and my 50 PPLD.

My right shoulder is bothering me somewhat making me hesitant to do the dips….

Friday I ran with the team to practice and did a workout led by the sprint coach… Saturday, just a 4 mile mall walk.

Today Cheryl dropped me off at the high point of San Francisquito Canyon Road. I figured I should get in a good practice run that mimics the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon course – predominately downhill.

Good thing it is not Christ s Church of the Mountain Top 22 mile downhill practice run Run Strava

Here is the elevation profile:

Good thing it is not Christ s Church of the Mountain Top 22 mile downhill practice run Run Strava elevation I did not look up the net downhill for Mountains 2 Beach but this ought to be similar. This would be a little tougher as there is much more rolling up and down on it than the Mountains 2 Beach course. I was feeling pretty strong, even as I became fatigued so I held on for 22 miles. My average pace was 8:30. In order to qualify for Boston I need only average somewhere between 8:15 – 8:20…. so I am getting excited about my chances.

I even paused for a few selfies along the way:


Guess What I am about to do?

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