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May Underway

It has been unusually hot here in the Antelope Valley this week….. mid 90s most afternoons!

Monday I rode the GO in the dark to school for our 6 am practice. I rode it around during said practice and I rode it home after school. I was a little sore from Sundays 22 miler.

Tuesday afternoon we had track practice in the midst of the oppressive heat. There wasn’t even our usual afternoon breeze to cool things off. Still, the kid’s and I got through a jog over to Greg Anderson, a set of Sweet 16 drills, and a jog back.

Due to the heat, I did not attempt a longer interval workout in the evening – well the heat and the fact that I was still sore from Sunday. I opted to push the tempo intervals back a day or two.

Wednesday, I rode the GO to Hillview, then Joe Walker for a track meet, and then home. The ride home after a track meet is always a bit exhausting.  During a track meet, I am the official timer so I am standing on the track for 3-4 hours straight…. After getting home and getting some liquids, Cheryl and I went to the mall and walked 4 miles.

Thursday, I faced a challenge: how to get in my tempo intervals…. I took the day off school to attend the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, but that worked against me. It started at 7, making an early morning run, potentially very early. The morning after breakfast, I would likely be too full, and then it would be too hot… and there was a WAVE fundraiser dinner in the evening………   So, I got up at 4:30 and was out the door at 5.

I made it, I made the first step out the door…. It was a challenge to get up and out the door, but I made it….  Instead of doing a long interval workout, in order to save time, I did a straight up Tempo Run. My goal was 5 miles at around 7:30 pace. I jogged down to the shopping center at the corner and did some leg swings and such as a warm up. Then I headed west on Palmdale Blvd/Elizabeth Lake Road. This gave me an uphill run into a headwind. My half mile splits heading to 25th were 4:20, 3:59, 3:47. I turned right on 25th and lost the headwind, the slope was slightly down. The splits became consistent 3:43s.  They stayed consistent within a second or two heading east on P8 to 15th, through the houses and out onto Rancho Vista Blvd. I turned right onto 10th west and ran into the Trader Joe’s parking lot. I did a zig zag, up one aisle and down the next so that I would breakup the headwind heading south on the street. I maintained about the same. The last half mile of the Tempo run was straight up the shoulder of the road. I was feeling dead, the pace slowed to about 4:00  per half…. Then I jogged slowly home.

I know from previous years experience that running fast, first thing in the morning is iffy for me. Races are okay, because I get up, I eat something, I drive somewhere, there are a couple of hours between wake up and run time. But when I just wake up and head out the door, I am rarely at my best….. Still, the effort of a Tempo run, brings the benefits of a Tempo run, regardless of the actual pace of the Tempo run….


Next up: The Wings for Life World Run on Sunday morning…..  This will likely amount to a 17 mile marathon pace (slightly sub MP) training run! Then I taper for Mountains 2 Beach!

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