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2 weeks till Mountains to Beach

Over the last week I have begun my taper… but just a little.

Monday -day after Wings 4 Life – off

Tuesday – a bit fatigued from Wings 4 Life just an easy run with my students – almost 3 miles and coached the HDR workout.

Wednesday – Feeling better – I ran 4 miles doing a Sweet 16 workout with my students. AND I walked 4 miles in the mall with my wife.

Thursday – Track meet day. I overslept and did not have time to ride the Elliptigo, but I did get in a 4 mile walk later in the evening.

Friday – So far the week looks way too easy, time to step it up. I ran to school – 5.5 miles and ran a  10 miler going home.

Saturday –  I went to the HDR Mountain Trail Fun Run, which was up the PCT from Sierra Hwy to Pelona Ridge. This is only the 2nd time I have run this route. I rode over there with Scott Zeirman and we arrived just a few minutes late. Some of the more senior runners, the Diorios, Janet Dempsey, Jesse Williams and Joe Kim had already taken off. I did not stay with Scott, but headed up the trail on my own.

The trail was about 5.6 miles up to the ridge. The first 2 were easy and then it got steeper. As I climbed I passed the older guys (John Swallow, Marv Powers etc.) and then Jesse. Farther up I caught Janet, then Joe Diorio and then Kathy. I scared Kathy half to death as I came up behind her on the one downhill section near the top of the hill. I was moving fast and said, “Good Morning Kathy!” whilst still back 10 meters but she nearly jumped out of her skin…. I saw Joe Kim as he was coming down, maybe a quarter mile from the top.

At the top I went a little further up a little hill and said hi to a thru hiker that was there. I saw Kathy arrive and turn back so I headed back down as well. Alex Patananan was coming up and I saw him just a 10th mile or so on my way down.

Going down I caught Kathy and started passing the others. Most had turned around. Alex came up from behind and I let him go by. As the trail leveled off near the bottom I began to see Joe up there. About a mile out I caught him.

Looking at Strava, it has the pace of this run just a little slower than the other time I ran it – with Clay in 2010. I am thinking, however the side trip at the top would have lowered the average of this run. I did set several segment PRs on the uphills!

PCT Sierra Hwy to Pelona Ridge - Run - Strava

Later Saturday, Cheryl and I walked 6 miles in the mall.

Sunday, I got up early enough to get in a good Elliptigo ride. I rode from my house past the Rancho Vista golf course and then up and over Goode Hill. It was windy and that top half mile or so was steep and right into the teeth of the wind. There were a few places where I felt that I barely made it. I went down the other side, left on Elizabeth Lake then right up the back way to Ana Verde. After more hill and wind fighting I finally enjoyed the long downhill heading east on Ave S. Altogether it was a 25 mile ride to church.

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